Chapter Eleven Fight and Die

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His face hardened into a mask of pure disgust. "Leave it to Endeavor to have to clean up the unwanted mess's while he stands at number one" he spoke with annoyance as he cracked his knuckles.

"What do you want?! We have done nothing wrong!" you yelled at the man who was still standing on your arms that laid on the ground. A glare was already on your face.

"Hmph, common these are large groups, all are threats especially one of your..." he picked up one of the arms and shook it a bit "Caliber" he held the hand closer and peered at it. Deciding to 'F the power' you willed the arm to wind back and slap him across the face. He instantly burned it and threw the ashes to the ground. "Weak, like the creator, What group are you from?"

"Were aren't apart of any group" Jin said, but boy was he a bad liar.

"Yeah fucking right" he was beginning to become upset. "Which fuckin' group are you apart of! Just tell me so I can fuck you up!"

"We aren't apart of any group" This time you were the one to speak out against the obviously angry man.

"Was I talking to you little girl?" he said obviously trying to start something.

"Well seeing as you are a bit more then we should like to take on... I think we should go. Later asshole!" You grabbed Jins hand and whispered "Run" you both took off running. All you could hear was a shushing sound and as you looked back a huge fire was shooting towards the two of you.

With no time to get out of the way, you shoved Jin to the side as you took the full force of the flames. "Bitch, you think you can just talk to me like that?! Now look at you all chard"

Standing tall you could smell as your hair was burned and skin began to cook within the flames. "I'm not weak. And I am surely no little girl." as your flesh burned almost to the bone, you began ripping off arms and legs, even going so far as to rip off the bottom half of your body. Soon after the flames stopped many arms, legs and half formed bodies gathered around your body.

The darkened parts of your skin healed revealing a wicked grin onto your face. "Try harder asshole" you yelled as a gleam of your eyes made you look almost insane.

You were lifted into the air and sent flying at inhuman speeds towards the flame filled male. Obviously catching him off guard your foot collided hard with the side of his face. Turning, you tried to round house kick the male but he caught your leg in a burning hold. One of your detached legs kicked him hard in the back of the head as another arm had found the metal before and came at the man.

He evaded all of the attacks and grabbed you by the throat, which quickly snapped. Throwing your corpse to the ground he stalked off towards the male that had been trying to think of someway to help.

Endeavor had almost made his way to the male when you came back into conscious, your neck had already healed and you were as good as new.

The fire male grabbed your friend by the throat and was about to kill him when a portal opened up and through it stepped Dabi. "Too late" Jin said to the man who dropped him.

"So this is who you are apart of. I'll be back." he was about to fly off when Dabi took a glance at all the burned arms and body parts next to you and as the burn around your throat healed. You could consciously feel as he checked you over with his eyes.

When your eyes met Dabis they were filled with hate and he began to stalk off towards the male. "You fucking touched her"

"Tried to kill her too" he said not even looking up from his phone. "Dammit" he said never taking his eyes off the small device.

Dabi grabbed his shoulder and punched him across the face with the force to send him flying into a building across the street. A large puff of clouds made its way into the air. Dabi turned towards you with a smile that made your heart give off an odd rhythm. You were going to smile back until something caught your eye. "Dabi!" you screamed at the man.

He had moved just in time to see Endeavor coming in clutch with a fire punch. "Dammit" he said while he clenched his teeth. "Leave us the fuck alone" His blue flames made contact with his arm as they were both forced backwards.

Endeavor was about to send another punch when a sudden portal swallowed Dabi whole and then you, leaving you staring at the wall in the bar.

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