Chapter 3

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A few  days later

3rd person POV:

Alayna was backstage pacing back and forth. "Where is he?..." she mumbled looking at her phone every 3 seconds. "Lahote! You're up!" She heard from behind the door. She sighed and threw her phone in her bag and walked out. She walked up towards the side of the stage and saw her dance crew ready already. I looked at the front and saw the pack except Jake and smiled. 'At least they're here. "GIVE IT UP FOR ROYAL FAMILY!" That's my cue.

(She's Paris in this video 🔝)

I looked at the pack and smirked. They were all jaw dropped and shocked. 'Haha they haven't seen anything yet.' I thought. Just then the next music started. Time for my solo

I walked backstage. And saw my dance crew cheering. "Alright y'all. We still got another job to do. But you guys get a break for 6 months then we meet there for it?" I said. They cheered and yelled "Yes." They ran off and went to go change and probably go to a club. "Layna!" I heard behind me. I looked and saw the pack. I ran over to them and hugged them. "You did great!" Emily said. "Thank you." Alayna said. Then a arm wrapped around her shoulders. "Good job sis I'm pretty sure if Jake was here he would've gotten real jealous with your dance with the other guy." Paul said. She elbowed him in the ribs. "That's not all I did in this dance set you know. By the way where is Jake?"Alayna said. Everyone in the circle went silent. "He's with Bella isn't he?" She said. They all nodded. "Ok whatever. Let me get my stuff and we can get the hell out of here." She said walking away to her dressing room. Paul and Embry went with her. "So what are they doing this time?" She asked. "Bella is trying to make it up to him for leaving him." Embry said. "Psh. Thats real funny. Watch in the next 3 months She's gonna break him again." She said zipping up her bag and slinging it over her shoulder. She looked at her phone and scoffed.

Hey I'm so sorry I missed your performance. Bella wanted to talk to me and I lost track of time. Please call me soon. I'll make it up to you I promise. -Jake

I texted him back.

Promises? when are you actually going to keep them Jake? You ditched me on the most important performance of my life and you ditched me for Bella again. You even ditched me on my birthday. Don't worry about making it up to me. It's in the past now. -Alayna

"Hey sis you ready to go? We're going cliff diving before the bonfire tonight." Paul said walking up to her. "Yeah lets go." She said walking away with him towards the cars.

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