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Arnav carried her in  his arms towards his room while khushi kept her head on his chest her arms encircling arnav’s neck.

As they reached the room he slowly placed her on the bed and gave her some papers from  his cupboard .

“sign these,  khushi”

“what are these ?” she asked inquisitively.

“um actually these are just papers , but these hold the power to make you mine in front of the world and the law forever. “he sat beside her on the bed.

“say it simple na matrix  don’t mock me by acting all philosophical! You mean marriage papers right !” she rolled her eyes while he chuckled.

She caught hold of the papers from his hand and started reading them .

“mr.arnav singh raizada  , is this the kind of marriage you are offering your would be wife , I mean no pandit , no pheras , no sindoor , no mangalsutra ?  planning a budget wedding or what ? I want a regal wedding understand !! I know you are damn rich !! “ she said teasingly , pinching her fingers on his ribs.

“okay but first be my wife legally  atleast !!” he said laughingly.

She gave a big wide smile to him and then said “ oh you have already signed !despo kahinka!!”

She took the pen from his hands and signed her name on the papers .he stared at her doing so “ how did you know?”

“what ?”

“that I am rich?”

“you see ….uh I did my own research on you  when I met you at first .you always shared a striking resemblance to my dev  but I thought how could you be dev and what would you do in London and all !! little did I know you were only my…….” She encircled her arms around his neck and whispered blowing air on his forehead and then kissing it .

“if you knew that I am rich ,then why did you ask that shyam for money ? “he clenched his fist and jaw.

Khushi lowered her head . “woh……..i ..”she hesitated

“answer me dammit “he burst on her “maa told me to do so, so I did” she answered scared knowing that arnav was very short tempered.

“well you asked or not I did it !”

“you  did what “she asked her one eyebrow up .

“well , nothing much but paid all your family debts ,esha’s dowry and all ………”he said casually.

“what !!! you did this all!!” she said shocked .

“see I knew you would react like this that’s why I told you to marry me first . see as your husband and then the son in law of this house  I can do this much for sure cant I .? moreover those all dowry’s were tainting the mahant family’s fair how could I let this happen?” he smirked to her.

She jumped on to him again taking his neck in her arms , “ you are such a sweetheart aren’t you!  Thank you for doing so much for my family .!!! now maa cant have any objection with our marriage , yeah!!!”she placed a big sloppy kiss on his cheek as he encircled his arms around her waist.

As long as you trust and believe me , my revenge is on track ! I hope you can forgive me for this khushi ,but your trust is damn important for me and I can do anything to achieve it , even if it requires me to act as your loving husband………….arnav thought to himself closing his eyes tightly.


Hiding from everybody , khushi and arnav went to the main city temple and got married to each other according to hindu rituals

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Hiding from everybody , khushi and arnav went to the main city temple and got married to each other according to hindu rituals. Khushi was very hapy and excited , she had nothing to orry about now as there was no threat to esha’s marriage or to her family .dev……….sorry arnav had handled everything damn efficiently.

They walked hand in hand back to the haveli while the whole of Allahabad gaped in horror .the mahant ‘s daughter had married an NRI  and that also without the presence of her family’s elders!

This news spread like a wild forest fire and reached indrani’s ears in no time . she burnt up like charcoal within seconds .khushi , her puppet had defied her orders!!

As arnav and khushi entered the haveli indrani stopped them on the doorstep and greeted khushi with a slap

“how could you !! how could you be so selfish to let my esha’s marriage pay the cost of your whims to marry this ….arre he is not even from our caste ? now what will we do? Where should I hide my face!!” indarni said angrily.

“in hell , indrani ji. how dare you slap my wife??”he said fire  clearly evident in his eyes.

“she is my daughter first .”she scoffed .

“maa “khushi came in between seeing the heated conversation . “ maa arnav ji has cleared off all our debts he loves me dearly maa , please accept this. He even gave esha’s dowry.”

Indrani made her eyes wide .

“you begged this stranger to pay my esha’s dowry. Where did your self respect ?” she shrieked .

“. Shyam was also stranger if I could ask money from him then what’s the problem in him?”

“ shyam was your fiancé khushi .you could then.”

“so she is my wife now , she has all rights on whatever I have ,I shall not have her begging  for some money.”arnav said in full ASR mode.

Indrani scoffed . “ then khushi , you and your husband go away  I don’t want to see you in this house ! you have brought disgrace to the family by marrying against my will”

Khushi tried to say something when arnav held her and squeezed it.

“ as you wish ,mother in law , you can leave this house as you see it is mine ,remember I had bought the haveli.!” Arnav said raising his one eyebrow up .

Indrani scoffed at this and turned to move .but khushi came and held her hand.

“pls don’t go ma, he didn’t mean it he is just very short tempered. Ma , please stay with me. I thought you will be happy seeing all our debts cleared and I am happy ..very happy with arnav ji…………please stay.”khushi pleaded.

Indrani smirked inwardly but pretended to be angry and left the hall.

Khushi kept crying and drooped to the ground . “it is the first time I have done something against her wish .oh !i feel so selfish now!!”she sobbed.

Arnav lifted her up, he had known this would happen.

“don’t worry she shall eventually agree to us.”he smiled consolingly to her .

Precap : leap.

Hello how did you find khushi here? And what do you think arnav’s going to do.

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