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"lola." i was snapped out of my thoughts and drew my attention to declan. "you will be fine." leaning over my seat i pulled him in for a hug before grabbing my bag and jumping out of the car i watched him pull off and i took a deep breath.

new school, new start. it's for the best. at least, that's what my dad said.

i turned on my heel and faced my new school for the next year, that is if i don't drop out. the sign out front read 'chadwick high school.'

it looked reasonably clean and the gardens were well kept, already more pleasing than my last school. graffiti on the sign out front, trash scattered everywhere and anything in the gardens were dead.

there were already many kids walking into the gates from all different directions. i was just hoping none knew anything about me.

"lola!" a voice called from behind me, i turned my head to see kelly, my cousin. also the whole reason i'm not being homeschooled at this very moment. "hey." is all i managed to mumble out, it's too early to have a long lasting conversation with other humans.

"this is it! you ready?" she asked, shifting her body towards the school. "do i look ready..." i whined, giving a fake smile.

she groaned, "don't start with your attitude now, it's only the first day." she pleaded, linking her arm with mine.

"you're gunna love it here!" she sang, i sent her another fake smile as she dragged me through the halls.

i doubt i'll like it here, i've never liked school.

i reminded myself that i needed to set a good impression for myself on the first day, i don't want to be known as some sour new kid. my lack of sleep, nerves and negative thoughts were going to make being joyful today a real struggle.

kelly began to read my emotions my facial expressions were giving off and came to a sudden stop. she gripped both my hands in hers and smiled.

"you're going to do great here, it's a new start for you, know i'm here for you and won't leave your side until you're 100% confident here." a genuine smile grew across my face and i pulled her in for a hug. "thank you, sorry i'm acting up already... i'm just going to blame the nerves." i added making her giggle.

"can i see your timetable?" i pulled the folded piece of paper out of my back pocket in my jeans and handed it to her. i watched her eyes flick over the page, she frowned which made me worry.

"we've only got math together." she huffed. "that's fine." i shrugged.

"have you got all your books?" she tilted her head as she asked me, i nodded. she pulled me a little further down the hall to a row of lockers. "locker number 236." she pointed to the long, blue locker.

i put in the code and swung the door open, revealing an empty locker. "you've got english first up so just shove the other books and stuff in your locker."

i took out my fresh note book, pencil case and put the rest in my locker, shutting the door. i released a large breath of air and swallowed my nerves. "let's go." i blurted, gripping my books.

my eyes darted around the hall, hoping i didn't see anyone who noticed me. "lola." kelly snapped me out of my daze. "stop freaking out please, nothing's going to happen."

i nodded and attempted pushing all thoughts aside as i followed kelly down the hall, she greeted a few people we walked passed.

she stopped at room 13, wished me luck and ran to her first class. i walked in and the class was reasonably quiet, except for a few voices and laughs from kids already in the room. i kept my head low and sat in the first chair i saw free.

the bell rang soon after i took my seat and the kids began piling in, shouting and laughing as they found their seats. i slumped back in the chair and waited patiently for the teacher to take attendance.

suddenly, in walked a tall boy with dark brown hair and bags under his eyes, the class went quiet as he made his way over to a chair in the back of the room, a few kids moved seats once he sat, a few snickers and nasty comments could be heard from students.

it didn't look as if it bothered him, although i still feel for the guy. i twisted my body around in my seat to look at him, his glance shot up to me and i felt extremely awkward, i sent him a smile. for a moment he stared at me, as if he was confused, he then gave me a grin before looking away.

i turned my attention back to the front of the class when i heard the teacher begin to take roll. surprisingly when he called out my name, there was no stand up and introduce yourself routine. just a simple welcome to the school and a smile.

i liked this teacher already.


"how were your first few classes?!" kelly asked, handing me a coffee. "it was good." was all i felt like saying. kelly began informing me about a boy in her class named leo, apparently he's super dreamy but won't talk to her over an argument they had.

i completely zoned out half way through her rant and my eyes began scanning the cafeteria at all the different faces.

my eyes caught the same boy from my class, i had to ask kelly. "kelly, who's that?" i curiously asked, cutting her off and using my hand to direct her attention over the way of the boy.

her eyes showed nothing put panic. "why? what did he do? are you okay?" she blurted out in a rush, gripping my arm. "w-what? no kelly, he didn't do anything i'm fine. i just wanted to know who he is." i informed her, she let out a sigh of relief and let go of my arm.

"his name is grayson dolan and from what i've heard, he's... violent."

i was a little taken back from what she had said, "what do you mean?" i asked curiously. she scratched her arm awkwardly. "he's been in a lot of fights, he's known to have a short fuse, not too friendly either." she added

kelly shrugged, taking a sip of her coffee. "apparently he's done some real fucked up stuff."

"like what?" i looked back at the boy, he didn't look violent, he looked... lonely. i knew the feeling all too well.

"he beat the shit out of his brother and ex? i don't know." i blinked a few times as i thought of what to say next. "he doesn't look violent." i muttered.

kelly sighed as she rubbed her temple. "lola, i see where this is going and i'm choosing to stop it." she grumbled.

"it's not going anywhere, i'm just saying that maybe all that shits made up, i know all that stuff about me was." i suggested. she groaned, "do you have to be so strong minded." i shrugged. "you can blame my mother for that one." i added before taking a sip of my coffee.

she huffed before speaking. "fine, think whatever you want just don't go making friendship bracelets with him or anything, i don't want you getting hurt anymore." she threw her hands up in defeat.

"i won't."

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