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"Okay. You're free to go."

Sweet Pea pulled Fallon close to him as he and the Serpents filed out of the police station, all of them harboring injuries from the night before ranging from black eyes to a broken arm in the case of Dray.

Fallon sported black circles under her eyes from a sleepless night, her skin feeling stingy and her body aching. "I feel sick, Pea." She mumbled, and Sweet Pea sighed, slipping off his jacket. The heavy leather settled over her shoulders, and although she felt bad, the warmth from Sweets' body heat and the weight of his Serpents jacket made her feel a little better.

"Honestly, spending the night in jail in wet clothes is the very last thing you fucking needed." Sweet Pea grumbled as they walked home, Fallon shaking like a leaf.

"I joined a biker gang to be a badass, not a damsel in distress." Fallon grumbled indignantly, and even though the situation they were in was less than ideal, Sweet Pea couldn't help but laugh. She grinned when she felt his body shaking as his laughter ran through his chest, his arm around her waist tightening.

"Jesus, Blue Eyes, have I ever told you how funny you are?"

"You could mention it a little more." She grinned weakly, and he chuckled, walking slower so she could keep up.

"...And we're back." She sighed as she trudged up the steps to Sweet Pea's trailer, remembering how she'd only been home to Fangs and her trailer twice in the last few days.

"I'm gonna take a shower." She said, heading into Sweet Pea's bathroom and turning on the hot water.

Twenty five minutes later she emerged with lobster red skin and in a far better mood. "There she is." Pea grinned and laid a kiss on her lips (the fact that she was in nothing but a towel apparently meaning nothing to him).

"Hey, you. Go shower and I bet you'll feel better." She said and he smiled. "I would ask you to join me but you're already squeaky clean."

"And I would agree but I imagine I'd get very dirty if I showered with you."

He threw her a wink over his shoulder as he shut the door, the water starting a few minutes later.

Fallon changed into cotton shorts that were far too big and one of Sweet Pea's shirts, the smell of him making her smile.

He emerged a few minutes after she started to doze off, the sound of the door opening bringing her back to wakefulness.

"I'm gonna be honest, baby, all you ever seem to do is sleep," He said, changing his clothes and flopping down beside her. "But it's fine by me because then I get to let you lay all over me." She snuggled into his side, and he groaned when she hit a bruise.

"Oh Jesus, Pea, I'm sorry! Shit, where--"

He let out a chuckle, lifting his t-shirt to reveal a nice muscled torso peppered with bruises and scrapes, pointing to a particularly nasty one on his ribcage. "You got a bony little set of elbows, Blue Eyes."

Fallon looked at him like a kicked puppy, and he looked down at her with a rather patronizing expression. "Oh come on. Don't look at me like that." He said, turning over onto his stomach and throwing an arm over her. "I'm sad." She sulked, and Sweet Pea started to pepper little kisses over her neck, collarbones, and face. "How about now?"

"Still sad."



He finally made it to her lips, smiling against them when she giggled.

"Peeaaaaa..." She said, dragging out his name. "I'm still gonna feel really guilty about elbowing a bruise." He huffed, kissing her again. "Alright, shut up," He said around another kiss, "It's hard to kiss you when you're talking."

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