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Author: TheWooiihaammaaa

Genre: Short story

I found the cover of the story to be quite bland. I think the photo used for the cover is an excellent portrayal of the setting, but the font and color are quite dull. I think it would be much more attractive if the font were thinner, larger in size, and a color that blended better with the cover photo. White would go well with the background picture, and I think that it would appear more professional overall if the words were centered. 

The title of the story is a perfect description of the story and it fits extremely well. The story is about an apocalypse, and the title encompasses exactly that.  

I did not notice any overused words or vocabulary. The descriptions were clear, and I found it very interesting how the story was told through a journal entry. 

I only noticed two small grammar mistakes throughout the story. There is a sentence that says "It came as sudden as an earthquake does, and much horrifying." In order to make the sentence flow properly, it could be slightly changed to something like: "It came as suddenly as an earthquake does, but much more horrifying." 

The story was decently suspenseful and it included a fair amount of details leading to the beginning of the apocalypse. The first chapter ended very smoothly and it is a perfect way to begin the next chapter. 

NOTE: This story currently only contains one chapter, so I was not able to write a completely thorough review. However, if you would like me to, I can continue to update this review as more chapters are posted :)

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