13- Fly high

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Antonio's heart dropped, and his hands began to shake dropping his phone "I'm sorry I have to go." He says picking up his phone, quickly leaving the office in a panic. He hurriedly ran to his car and squealed his tires out of the parking lot, running every red light that got in his way and hoping that no cop was around.

Antonio pulled into the driveway, leaving his car door open as he got out and ran into the house, also leaving the front door wide open while he ran up the stairs. Skipping steps to get to the bedroom faster, he ran over to Harlow lifting her up and holding her in his arms.

"Harlow! Wake up! Harlow!" He cried out as he patted her face. Looking at Sadie in tears, he yelled frantically "Call 911!"

"I already did, they should be here any second." She said in tears.

"Harlow, please wake up." Antonio begged as tears flooded his eyes.

The paramedics arrived, Sadie directed them up over to Harlow. They walked over to Antonio as he still held onto Harlow "Sir, I need you to let go of her please."

Antonio laid her on the ground, as much as he didn't want to let her go he knew he had to, he stood up crossing his arms watching them with her, covering his mouth as they worked on her. The girls ran into the bedroom to see what was going on "Girls, you need to get out of here right now." Antonio says in a panic, pushing them out of the room, calling for Sadie to grab them.

He rushed back over to Harlow, and kneeled on the ground next to her. He could see that she was barely breathing, they placed her on a stretcher and carried her down the stairs, putting her into the ambulance.

"I'm coming with." Antonio says quietly, shaken up. He had Sadie stay with the girls while he went to the hospital with Harlow. On the way to the hospital Antonio kept an eye on her vitals, panicking when he saw that her numbers weren't very good.

Once they arrived at the hospital, they rushed her inside. Antonio was then met with a team of doctors and nurses, asking what happened. He insisted on going into the room with her after the doctors told him that he had to stay behind while they worked on her.

At that moment there was no time to argue with him, and he got his way. He tried watching them as they worked on her, but had to look away. He knew it was time and placed his face in his hands, praying for God to help her.

They were trying their hardest with her, as Antonio prayed he heard the noises of the machine and just knew she was gone, he didn't even have to look up to know what the sounds were, and cried.

One of the doctors walked up to Antonio placing his hand on his back. "I'm sorry your-.. "

"I know." He blurted out, covering his head with his hands "I'm sorry." The doctor said sounding sincere.

The doctor pulled the sheet over her face and Antonio quickly stood up "Please, can you give me a few minutes with her before you take her away?"

"Certainly." Says the nurse "We will give you a few minutes with her." She says looking at him with sadness in her eyes, before walking out of the room.

He walked up to Harlow pulling the sheet down from her face and grabbed her hands, holding them tight. He started kissing her forehead, nose and then moved to her lips, giving her a long kiss. He didn't want to release his lips from hers, when he finally released his lips from hers, he stood there staring at her, talking to her, and apologizing to her. Begging for her to come back.

"I'm so sorry Harlow, I cannot believe you're actually gone. You always were my angel, and now you literally are our angel now. Please watch over our girls, and keep them safe." He says kissing the top of her hands, placing her one hand on his cheek. "I'll always love you, and my love for you will never go away..."

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