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Third Person's Point of View:

"Madyson, may I see you after class?" Ms. Grundy asked her advanced violinist student. Madyson nodded and went up to her music teacher, after her classmates have left the room. "Is there something wrong, Ms. Grundy?"

"Why didn't you sign up for orchestra?" Grundy asked. Madyson smiled shaking her head, "My violin skills are kinda rough, since I just started so..."

Grundy looked at the teenager in astonishment. "You just started?"

Madyson nodded, "I started when I picked up the violin and bow in the wheel, then I liked it so I moved to music." Grundy nodded and looked at the girl's innocent figure.

"Is that all?"

"Yes, thank you, you may go."

Madyson abruptly stopped and whipped around to face her teacher. "Hey, Ms. Grundy."


"I have a question... It's about Archie," Madyson's words made the woman freeze. "Uh. W-What about him?"

"I just didn't know you also did choir..."

Grundy gulped and smiled, glancing around. "No. I just heard his demo and agreed to have private lessons." Madyson hummed and waved goodbye, leaving the room.

Madyson, on her way to her next class, saw Archie in the halls. Madyson knew something was going on between Grundy and Archie because she noticed her freeze at the mention of Archie. Madyson Kathleen Lodge was the kind of person to notice even the smallest details and is the one you can trust with secrets. "Archie!"

Archie turned around to face the small girl. "I have a question about you and Grundy."

Like Grundy, Archie froze and tensed. "What about it?"

"I just didn't know you really wanted to become a star, is all," Madyson smiled, walking past him and to her class. She knew something was up, and she wanted to find out.

In her next class, she had dance, since she had passed her state-testing for physical education, she had the choice to do dance or to continue P.E.

"Hey, Mads!" The dance co-captain waved. Madyson waved and placed her bag down. She sighed and began to stretch as her mind drifted off to the unknown relationship of a teacher and student.

"So what did Moose want?" Madyson asked Kevin, during lunch. "Oh my god, I don't think he even knows," Kevin told the three girls dramatically, causing them to laugh.

"I mean, I am devastatingly handsome in that classic pre-accident Montgomery Clift kind of way, and sexuality is fluid, but can someone named Moose actually be that fluid?" Kevin wondered.

Madyson laughed, along with Betty and Veronica. "Okay, well. I ship it," Veronica admitted. Madyson sighed, "Me too..."

The group laughed. "Well if course you would. You two are big city girls with different morals; Veronica has loose ones, and Maddy... I don't even know," Kevin stared at the girl, shorter than her sister. Veronica looked at Kevin with a slightly offended face, while he turned to Betty.

"I just meant that he has an official girlfriend, Midge," Kevin muttered. "Anyway, it's terrible to say, that part of me wishes that he would just stay in the darn closet."

The group of four stopped when they were in front of the table, where Archie was writin something. "I obviously didn't mean a literal closet," Kevin lowered his voice.

"Archie!" Veronica happily exclaimed as she sat down. "Any new material you want to try out on a very forgiving audience?" She asked.

Madyson and Kevin looked at each other with the same look of confusion. "Did we miss something, or..."


"Please," Veronica cut him off; ignoring Madyson, as per usual. "Would you? I'd love to hear it," Betty faked a smile. Madyson took a seat next to Archie and watched him strum the guitar and sing.

She looked up at Betty who looked ready to cry. Once Archie had stopped, Betty struggled to contain her tears. "Betty? You okay?" Madyson's soft voice asked. Betty looked at the Lodge and chuckled. "I'm supposed to say yes. That's what the nice girl always says, but..." Betty exclaimed standing up.

"No I'm not. I want to be. I thought I could be... But it's too much, too fast," Betty stressed. Madyson looked at the blonde in sympathy. "Maddy..." She wanted to say something but she ran away. "Betty," Archie tried to call out.

"Betty wait!" Both Archie and Madyson ran after her. After few more steps, they had caught up to her. Even after she had shoved them away, Archie was stopped by Weatherbee; but Madyson wasn't stopped. "Betty! Betty, what's wrong?" Madyson asked the crying girl, giving her a warm embrace.

Betty cried onto her shoulder. "At Cheryl's party, Veronica and Archie went to the closet... And I- I confessed and he didn't return -" Betty sobbed. Madyson shushed the blonde, rubbing her back. "It's okay... I got it.."

Madyson looked over to Veronica with narrowed eyes. Veronica knew of Betty's feelings towards Archie, but somethings you can't get rid of, right?

"Jug... I think I've seen everything," Madyson muttered, staring at her vanilla milkshake. Jughead nodded, swirling his coffee around. "Archie and Grundy?"

"Oh my god, Juggie! I've been taught by a pedophile! Who knows what she has done! She could've raped someone! Oh god!" Maddy exclaimed, making Jughead sigh.

"Okay, let's get off the subject before you explode. I thought you guys were loaded," Jughead narrowed his eyes in curiosity. "We are..."

"Then riddle me this; why's your mom working as a waitress?"

Madyson shrugged. "I have no idea. She tells Veronica everything, instead of both of us. You can tell who's her favorite, and without my dad here; I pretty much don't exist," Madyson solemnly told him. Jughead patted her arm. "At least you have your sister right?"

"Jug, Veronica loves being the centre. If I were to do anything with her and steal her spotlight, something is bound to come my way," Madyson rolled her eyes, drinking her shake. Jughead raised his brows, looking at who entered. "It's Archie..."

The two turned around and saw the redhead and two Lodges' speaking to each other. "I'm gonna go home mom."

"Uh no, wait. I'm pretty sure, Archie, would be happy to escort you," Hermione said.

Madyson sighed, placing her head on the table; her arms covering her face. "I told you they forget I even exist."

Jughead sighed, shaking his head. He watched as Archie and Veronica left and Hermione's gaze soon fell on him and Madyson. "Mija, when did you arrive?"

Madyson picked her head up and looked at her mother who was walking over to them. "Since the end of school?"

Hermione looked at Jughead then back at her youngest daughter. "No mom, he likes Betty - ow!" Madyson hissed, glaring at her bestfriend. Hermione laughed. "Jughead Jones," Jughead introduced.

Hermione's brow arched. "Jones? Ah, I knew your father and mother. You're just as handsome as he is," Hermione smiled. Madyson groaned in disgust. "Gross, you just called my bestfriend and his dad hot."

"Mija, should I talk about your father or-"

"Noo! No thanks!"

Hermione laughed and walked back to the counter. Jughead chuckled and looked at the embarrassed girl. Madyson rolled her eyes. "I'm gonna go, Jug... You know before Archie and Veronica decide to do something in my room."

"You think they'd do that?"

"I mean, have you been siblings with Veronica at our life at New York?"

Jughead cringed of the thought of having a rebellious twin. Madyson nodded with a smug hum. "It's bad... Real bad."

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