Last Words

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I know these are the last words I will say, so i'll make them good.
I fought of the winged creature, but then something far worse came.
An angry-looking person leaned over me and said, 'I wanted to do this is in person', and then Almar Coin shot me. Crouching down beside me I noticed Daniel.
"I loved you, you know, I really did." He said.
The district 12 tribute who I think has won, just looked at me with a mixed look full of worry, sadness, regret, slyness and happiness.
"You should have listened to Almar," She hissed, "We would have let you live if you had come to district 13!"
They walked away, the last words I will ever hear are Almar's.
"I am a woman, not a man!" She had said, before running to catch up with the others.
I wonder how she knew that I thought she was a guy the first time we met.

It's funny, you know. Dying. I know it's supposed to be painfull, but in a way I am happy. Happy that I died as myself, not some Capitol-loving victor.

I look up at the deep blue sky, a dark shade of purple. It is midnight. Twilight. I don't know what it is, but I have always found 'twilight' as a very comforting word. I feel my mouth form a small smile, my last smile.

My soul is drifting away from me and I reach out to grab it, but it just fades faster. Then I realise how silly it would have been for me to stay alive.

If I don't die here, my children would grow up, miserable and lonely, abandoned in a horrific world. I now know that even if I did somehow survive I wouldn't ever have children, I would feel guilty for putting them through all the pain of living a life in Panem.

I think of my friends. Back home and here. I think of my family. I think of my nephew's unborn child. They were going to call her Millie. Poor Millie Mason will have to grow up in this horrible world. Dying is alright really, there's nothing left for me here. I just wish I didn't have to die in this god forsaken place.
I don't want to die, not really. I don't want to go.

The last thing I see is a beautiful mockingjay bird fluttering above me, strange, I thought the Capitol would have slaughtered them all by now. Then I close my eyes, shutting out the world and me. Forever. 

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