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Kristoni Barnes
August 22nd, 8:43 AM

I woke up to cloudy skies and a massive headache causing me to quickly shut my eyes

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I woke up to cloudy skies and a massive headache causing me to quickly shut my eyes. I groaned from the pounding in my head, instantly remembering everything that happened last night.

I slid out of the plush bed and made my way to the bathroom to do my daily morning routine.

After catching Cain and Kendra last night in my bedroom, I called Dave since that was the only person that I knew would answer my call at that time of the night. I refused to bother my aunt that late at night.

He told me what hotel he was staying in for the weekend and that I could come through if I wanted to. I didn't decline his offer and made my way downtown. He had a suite and allowed me to sleep in his bedroom while he slept out on the couch. I was glad that he respected me enough to allow me to have the room to myself for the night.

After finishing my shower and getting dressed in something comfortable, I made my way out of the bedroom and into the living room.

After last night, my plans were ruined for the rest of the weekend. I was planning on picking Charli up this morning and attending Sunday morning service at church, but clearly, that wasn't going to happen since I already woke up too late.

As I walked out into the living room, I noticed that Dave was already awake and outside on the balcony smoking.

I walked out onto the balcony, "Goodmorning," I said as I sat in the chair next to him.

"Morning," he said looking over at me and smirking.

"Sorry for kicking you out of your bed last night. I wasn't expecting any of that to happen."

"It's cool, I was straight on the couch last night. No biggie. You good now?"

I nodded, "Yeah, I'm okay." I decided to fill him in on last nights events and how I ended up here. I felt like he deserved to know that much since I invaded his personal space for the night. I watched his face as he reacted to everything that I told him.

"Yo that's wild," he said as he shook his head.

You always smoke this early?" I said while kicking my feet up onto the railing, quickly attempting to change the subject.

He nodded, "It's never too early to relax mama," he said as he took another drag.

I nodded my head as I let him slide calling me mama. "I need to get Charli," I said while getting up and brushing my butt off.

"You need me to take you?"

"No, I drove here. Remember?" I said as I grabbed my bag and my keys off of the table.

He stood up and ashed his blunt. "But let me make sure you get there safe and everything. I don't need no crazy shit happening to you or Charli. Not on my watch."

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