4. Foiled!

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"Careful," said John as he entered the police station, pushing Guy ahead of him. "Keep your eyes on this one. He's dangerous."

The other officers looked doubtfully at Guy's slender figure. At that moment, Alison hurried into the room and went straight over to John. "What's the story?" she asked. "Why did you call me in?"

"I've got one of them," answered John, trying to keep a lid on his excitement. Alison frowned slightly and he realised she didn't understand. "Remember those people I was talking to you about? The ones with special powers? I've got one—this man, Guy Travers. I saw him bring down three men by levitating a patch of oil out of a car onto the pavement under their feet."

Alison frowned more heavily.

"It's true," said John. "He can move objects with his mind. And he's the one I saw disappear into thin air in that alley. He calls himself a 'Superhero'."

Instead of excited approval, John saw anger flood suddenly into Alison's face. She looked livid.

"This isn't funny, John! This has gone beyond a joke!"

He looked round. Two officers were openly chuckling while the rest were fighting to keep smiles off their faces. An icy cold feeling trickled down John's back.

He looked over at Guy and saw that his coat was now unbuttoned and gaping wide open, revealing sparkly yellow shorts over black tights, and even worse, he was wearing a teeshirt with a batman logo.

"Actually that's not quite correct, Detective Masters," Guy was saying earnestly. "Batman was never technically a Superhero, because he didn't have Super Powers. Just access to the Batcave and a lot of cool technology."

"But... I saw..."

"It was a neat trick, wasn't it? I saw that patch of oil on the pavement and I backed up just enough to make the muggers step right in it. Worked a treat!"

John just had enough sense left to keep his mouth shut, this time. His whole case had been well and truly sabotaged.

Guy burbled on happily. "I hope those guys aren't hurt too badly, but honestly, I don't have much sympathy. They would have creamed me if they could have."

Guy was still talking as John removed the handcuffs with gritted teeth.

"I'm sorry to be a trouble, officers, but I'm afraid I left the Batmobile in the Batcave. How am I going to get home from here?" He sounded anxious for the first time.

"I'm sure Detective Masters will be happy to drive you home," said Alison in a steely voice which brooked no argument. "After he apologises!" She glared at John.

"Of course, no problem," agreed her reluctant partner. Alison tapped her foot, waiting.

"And I apologise for the misunderstanding," added John, stiffly.

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