57. Well, Then Yes

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Hellooo. I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend 💕

For those wondering, I do plan to write a story dedicated to Jason one day! I've already started plotting it, actually (I'm so excited about my ideas, haha). But it's certainly in the early stages, so don't hold your breath!

To those of you who want me to 'cast' William and Cara, while I want to do it, I've decided against it, because more than that, I want you to have your own personal opinion/take on my characters and what they look like. Personally, I have a very clear idea of their appearances, but since taste is so subjective, I don't want to ruin your impressions by providing mine! I love that you have your own ideas of them, so I hope you're okay with my decision not to cast them 💕



After greeting Daphne and John in the foyer of their home in Chelsea, I was just about to shut the front door after myself when a familiar hand curled around the wood of it to prevent me. Startled, both by the surprise of company outside the door, and recognising the hand all too well, I managed to blush and freeze. Since I was clearly crazy about him, all I could think of was the fact that those long and beautiful digits, with healthy nails cut short, had been fingering me on several occasions last night.

When he had pushed the door open to greet us where we stood, he journeyed the very same hand to greet his father and mother, and that made me blush even harder.

"Mum. Dad," he greeted and, after kissing Daphne on the cheek, turned toward Jason and I for a more thorough acknowledgement.

"Useless waste of space," he greeted his brother, as though that were his name, and then finally turned his attention to me.

Had it been any other day, Jason would have laughed at that, but after the regrettable turn of events with Olivia last night, playful humour had just about orphaned him. Seeming to notice the same, William's eyes flickered in Jason's direction again while he reached forward for my hand. After sizing his younger brother up for a quick breath, he frowned to himself, puzzled, and then offered me his full attention.

As his large and warm hand closed around mine, my heart stopped beating. That weird electricity, which had yet to become familiar to me, poured through my hand and surged through my veins till it bolted straight through my heart. Myriad butterflies fluttered around my belly. I wanted to jump on him, and I wanted to kiss him.

But I couldn't.

Now that we were reunited again, I – ridiculous as it was – realised the true extent of how profoundly I had missed him the last few hours. Like a snake to its master's flute, I stared hypnotised into his piercing blue eyes and felt my lips part only faintly. How I loved him. He was such a beautiful man. The struggle to recover following the acute intensity of his gaze meeting mine never relented. My thoughts were scattering around my head in a chaotic mess, and all of them were infected with young love.

"Cara," he softly greeted, and there was a twinkle in his eyes. "Nice to see you outside the office," he told me, and I thought I would expire. What a cheeky bastard. "I'm glad you decided to come," he added and passed me a wink. The urge to slap him was vicious. From the thrill in his orbs, I could see the immense amusement he found in this: teasing me in front of his blindsided parents.

"Yeah," Jason chimed in, "she's got to be home by ten, though."

It would seem that his humour had been restored after successfully perceiving William's insinuations. It was seldom that I saw William taken aback, but if anyone could manage it, it was certainly Jason. He spoke William's language fluently, and I found it incredibly funny. I just barely managed not to laugh. Jason could be seriously slick.

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