The Last Day

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Yesterday. So much has changed since then.
The Game-makers have decided to kill us all today. Turns out the Games drags out too long and we were taking forever to kill each other.
I am really not fussed about what's happening with Almar now. I am too focused on today's events.

A pack of wild animals, called 'mutts', will be released on us. The last two left will be forced to fight and whoever wins walks away from all of this, the first ever victor.

I said goodbye to James an hour ago. We decided that we should separate so it would be less likely we would have to kill each other. I've been sitting on this log since then, waiting for something to happen.

I don't think I told you before, the tributes were all allowed to take one thing into the games. I brought a silver badge. It says, 'The Hunger Games' on it, with a smaller quote engraved in underneath, ' The odds are in their favour, but there is ALWAYS hope'. It's not to symbolise this TV show. When the war started, the districts called it 'The Hunger Games' and we made small silver badges with the quote we used when we felt as if everything was lost on it. They were burnt after the Capitol collected them. Luckily, I managed to save mine. Now our own words are used against us, the TV show's catchphrase being, 'May the odds be ever in your favour'.
I wear this badge now.
"You can kill us and our families!" I shout at the cameras, "But you can NEVER take our hope away!"

And then right at that very moment, as if it was planned, a six-legged creature, with a black coat and two sets of wings crashes into me.

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