~Chapter Twenty-Two~

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Wedding Day

I woke up in a fog contemplating the fact, that I was marrying Sabine Harlow. The woman who drove me mad, at one time, is now going to be my wife. . .

A knock at my door startled me. I was still under my covers, with my pillow over my head. I yelled, "Come in?!"

"Good morning Shayne, I wanted to have a private moment of your attention. The house is buzzing, with the caterers, florists, and all of the wedding preparations." Aunt Ava stuck her head inside my door.

"You can come in, I have on my pajamas, Aunt Ava." Her face turned bright red, as I proceeded to sit up.

"I hope you don't mind, that I'm just waking up. But, I'm all ears." I took the pillow away and faced her.

She opened the blinds, and sat in an arm chair in my room, "When Grey located you and Colin, I was beside myself. I know my late husband would be so proud, to have a part of his oldest brother, with you and Colin. We all couldn't imagine our lives, without you in it. You completed The Carrington Family.

You two were like the puzzle pieces, that we were missing all of these years. I just wanted to tell you how special you are to me. I love you, my Shayne." Aunt Ava rose from her chair, and lovingly winked at me.

"Sabine, is a special girl, and I know you two will be very happy. You are my last Carrington son to get married. I'm feeling extra emotional today. So don't get worried, if I cry a lot at your wedding. I'm happy for you, son." Her blue eyes filled to the brim, with tears about to drop.

She gave my hand a squeeze, as she stood. She blew me a kiss, and left my room, closing the door quietly behind her. I always knew we had a close relationship, but today I truly felt like her, son. That was her gift to me, and it meant more than words could convey.



This is the long awaited day, that I will marry my best friend. I'm staying at a hotel, with my mother and getting ready here. Then, we will be driven in a vintage car to The Carrington Ranch for candid pictures, before the wedding. My dad stayed overnight at the Ranch, along with my two brothers, and their families.

We decided to have our wedding ceremony, and reception at The Ranch. The whole family loves Carrington Ranch. It's absolutely breathtaking, and the perfect venue. I intend to walk barefoot in the grass, just like in my favorite song. My dress is long, and will cover my feet. I got a French manicure and pedicure, just in case.

My white couture gown, is off the shoulder, timelessly romantic, and classic. It's not too flashy, or revealing. It's a sassy look, and fits my personality. It was made by a local up, and coming designer. It is delicate, with calla lilies embroidered on the top, and bodice throughout the dress, with a long train. It's simply elegant, and fitted to compliment my figure.

My dark locks are pulled back in a classic bun, with some wisps of hair loose on the sides. I had my florist make a wreath of calla lilies, my favorite flower, for my head piece. I don't know how she accomplished it, but it is exceptionally beautiful. She hand sewed the flowers together, and attached it to my long veil.

My bouquet was hand picked from the garden at the Ranch, and designed by my favorite florist. Ed Sheeran is at the Ranch now, getting his musicians, and musical arrangements together. I can't believe, that he is really here, and going to perform at our reception for our first dance. My whole body is shaking, I'm so happy, and nervous at the same time.

"Sabine, you have to take deep breaths, so you can make it to your wedding." My mom has been hovering over me all morning, like I'm a little girl again.

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