~Chapter Twenty-One~

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Seven months of being engaged have flown by. Sabine and I are getting married next month, on a Saturday in June. It will be exactly one year from the night I brought Mexican food over to her apartment, to cheer her up. That's also the night Ed Sheeran's song came on, and I told her that she looked perfect. Even, after she had been crying, all day long.

Who knew that I would ask her to be my wife three months later? We definitely, didn't get off to a good start when we first met.

Flashback. . .

"Hello, Mr. Carrington. It's so nice to meet you. My name is, Sabine Harlow. I'm a good friend of Bianca Thatcher. I was asked to give you a tour of Carrington Enterprises." She was very friendly, at first and shook my hand, enthusiastically.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Harlow. My brother, told me that you would give me a tour, while everyone else is in London." I stated distractedly, as so many employees passed us in the hallway, gawking and waving at me, trying to get my attention.

A few women came up to meet me, and I got sidetracked with my tour, and Sabine. She stood to the side, and waited until I was done conversing, "Here is my phone number, call me." One very attractive woman wrote her name, and number in the palm of my hand.

Sabine, didn't utter a sound, but her countenance toward me changed. I felt a chilliness from her after my encounter, with the ladies. They seemed to come from all over the building to introduce themselves to me. I loved all of the attention, that I received, I have to admit.

"Shall we begin our tour, or do you need to get more phone numbers? I'm a very busy woman, Mr. Carrington. I take my job seriously, and I'd appreciate it if you don't waste my time. You can speak to the other employees on your time." She got straight to the point. It felt like I was getting scolded. I let her give me a tour, without any more interruptions.

A thick wall of silence hung in the air between us. She built a protective wall around herself, as well. She gave me a robotic tour, very impersonal. She had made sure to put plenty of distance between us, and when the tour was over, she quickly took her leave. I was left scratching my head. I was trying to figure her out, and what I did to make her demeanor change so, drastically.

The next day, I went to the HR Department, "Sabine, I just wanted to thank you for our tour yester" A group of women rushed over to me, before I could finish my sentence.

"Oh, Mr. Carrington, it's so nice to have you, and your brother working here. Could you tell us your story firsthand of how you found out, that you are related to The Carringtons?" The audience of women surrounded me. Sabine parted through, as the women gathered, and rolled her eyes at me, blew out a breath, and walked away from her desk shaking her head.

"I'll tell you later, right now I have urgent business." I had to find Sabine.

I yelled to her walking down the hall, "Sabine, wait up!"

She stopped in her tracks, and allowed me to catch up, "Please call me, Miss Harlow. No thanks needed, I did my job giving you a tour. Please excuse me. Your audience awaits, and I have work to do. Good day, Mr. Carrington." She continued walking, without looking back.

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