Ch. 14 You are friends with Malfoy

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Before arriving at the train station, there was an announcement that all students should get dress into their school uniforms and robes. Azalea grabs her school uniform and robe. She leaves the compartment because she is the only girl in a room filled with boys. Azalea walks through the hallway and smiles when sees a girl around her age with long bushy brown hair. She walks up to the girl and politely pats her right shoulder which causes the girl to turn her head back to look at her.

" Hello, my name is Azalea Potter, and I was wondering where do we go to get dressed in our school uniform and robes?" Azalea politely asked the girl.

The bushy brown haired girl smiled at Azalea.

" You must be Harry Potter's sister. My name is Hermione Granger" She happily introduced herself.

" You met my brother" Azalea smiles at Hermione.

" I have, but he was so mean to me. Especially with Ronald Weasley. They were telling me that I am a know it all because I read so many books about your brother and of Hogwarts" Hermione wears a pouty expression.

Azalea frowns.

She didn't like that her baby brother was being mean to someone.

" That wasn't nice. I am sorry that my baby brother treated you that way" She apologizes to Hermione.

Hermione wears a surprised expression but smiles at Azalea.

" Thank you" She whispers. " And there are these dressing rooms that I heard for us girls to get dressed into our school uniform and robes" She tells her. 

" Cool!" Azalea smiles as she follows Hermione to the dressing rooms.

In a few minutes, Azalea changed into her Hogwarts uniform and put her robe over her shoulders. She walks out of the dressing room and smiles when she sees Hermione. 

" Hermione!" Azalea calls out to her.

Hermione turns around and smiles when she sees Azalea. 

" Azalea" She walks up to her. " I am so excited to go to Hogwarts. It is my first year" She rapidly speaks.

Azalea giggles finding Hermione rather adorable when she is excited. She smiles at her.

" It is my first year as well" She tells her.

" How exciting!" Hermione smiles. " Do you know what Hogwarts House you are going?" She curiously asked her.

" Yes! I want to be sorted into Slytherin" Azalea happily tells her.

Hermione wears a surprised expression.

" Ronald Weasley told me that Slytherin is evil?" She curiously asked her.

Azalea raised an eyebrow.

" Slytherin isn't evil in my opinion. Slytherin is the house of Resourcefulness, Cunning, Ambition, Determination, Self-Preservation, Fraternity, and Cleverness" She explains to her.

Hermione nods her head.

" Interesting. I don't know what house I should be sorted into. I am determined to show Ronald Weasley that just because I love to read books and be intelligent doesn't mean that I am a Know-It-All. Learning about stuff can come in handy if I say so myself" She tells her.

" I agree" Azalea nods her head. " Well, whatever House you go too. I shall support you because you are my friend" She smiles at her.

Hermione's eyes widened.

" You are my first friend at Hogwarts!" She happily tells her.

Azalea giggles.

" Well, you are a nice girl, and I know we are going to be the best of friends" She tells her.

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