When you two hug

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You will hug him only if your sad. You know he wants to keep this leader pose so hugging isn't included in that. He will hug back gladly. Both will keep hugging until you feel better.


She found it annoying at first but then she got used to it. For some reason she always thinks your sad, so you always shake head saying you just love her. She can't help but laugh to that.


You can't even wrap your arms around him comfortably, he is just so big. He loves watching you attempt to do it. He will always tease you, only shutting up when you begin hitting his chest and complaining about his teasing.


He will only allow hugs in private. He doesn't like to hug in public because he knows someone will tease him, Brick for example. You do like his hugs, they are full with love. It's just sad you only get to hug him in public which is rare since he's always around the others.

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