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I woke with my face rested against Tom's chest. It rose and fell with a steady rhythm. I pulled my body close to him and curled my leg over his.

His bare skin flamed against mine. I kissed his chest, and his arm around me tightened. I looked up and his chocolate eyes greeted my gaze.

"Hi," I said. "I'd say morning if I knew what time it was. No windows, can't tell."

"Well, then, hi back atchya." He kissed the top of my hair. "How are you?"

"I feel amazing. You?"

"Mmm. I like the bonding ceremonies."

"God. I didn't think it was possible to love someone so much." I maneuvered myself on top of him. "Melace."

I saw more markings on his skin. The ink spiraled up the side of his neck with tiny vines weaving up around his jaw then up the side of his face. I slid off him. "Here, lean to the side a little." Sure enough, the ink went to the nape of his neck and formed a thick, circle with vines flowing down, but I couldn't see how far.

I pulled him back, and his gaze met mine. "I have it, too, don't I?"

He nodded and cupped the side of my face. "Lift your hair up, let me see."

I did and turned so I lay on my stomach. "It covers the entire left shoulder blade then meets up at the neck in a thick circle." His lips brushed against my shoulder, then trailed down my spine to the middle of my back, sending a delicious shiver to my toes. "It's beautiful, Red."

"And we're more powerful?" I turned, then reached out to his face, grazing my fingers along the side with the new ink on it.

He nodded, leaning into my touch while his fingers did a little exploring of their own. "Our bond is complete." His mouth claimed mine in a way only a husband's could. "Hmmm, you feel amazing."

His touch stole my breath, so I could only moan.

He leaned over me and glanced at the clock on the nightstand. "Adams wants to meet up."

"Didn't you talk to him already?" I curled my fingers around his hips, pulling him onto me. A tremor rattled through me as he settled against me and propped himself up by digging an elbow into the mattress on either side of my head.

I slid my hands over the curve of his butt and traced his spine until I touched the ends of his hair. Things happened so quickly earlier, emotions running so intensely, I hadn't gotten a close look at this wall of muscle draped over me.

He leaned close and brushed the tip of his nose against mine, then spread butterfly kisses across my cheek and down my neck. I'd almost forgotten what I'd asked him. "You already talked to Adams, didn't you?"

"Oh, sorry. Got distracted there."

I let my hands make another pass over his smooth backside and said, "It's okay."

"I talked to him. Just the quick details. Sean was right about a book, though." Tom ran his fingers through my hair, sprawling it over the pillowcase. "I think Adams is going to re-write every text book TLC uses."

I giggled. "I can see that." I drew in a deep breath as Tom's gentle hands caressed my body, igniting a fire at my core. Yeah, I liked the bonding ceremonies, too. "When did you say we'd be there?"

He brought his face close enough that our noses touched again. "Told him we'd be there when we get there."

I nipped at his bottom lip. "Not like they can have a meeting without us, right?"

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