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Fallon was staring mindlessly at the ceiling as Toni snoozed in Fangs's chair, when a soft knock at the door startled her and Toni both into alertness.

She nearly leapt out of bed when someone she'd missed so much it ached appeared from behind the door, a bouquet of red roses in his hand.

"Sweet Pea! Oh my god!" She gasped, standing unsteadily and walking as far as her IV would let her to meet the tall dark and handsome young man who smiled radiantly down at her, tears in his eyes, pulling her to him in a crushing hug. He'd missed her so much.

"H-Hey there, Blue Eyes. You miss me?" He asked shakily (trying damn hard to mask the fact he was crying), strong arms practically holding her upright as she truly smiled for the first time in a year. Her heart fluttered at the epithet he used, the sound of the nickname he gave her the night they met making her blush.

"More than anything." She whispered, and he chuckled, unattaching himself from her long enough to hand her the roses he'd brought. "I missed you too, sweetheart."

"Oh, remembered." She said when she saw that he'd brought her favorite flowers.

He scratched the back of his neck, a slight blush dusting his cheeks as she teared up again. God, she was a mess. "Yeah, well, I just know, you could use a little cheerin' up..."

"I think you showing up did the trick. She's been down ever since she woke up." Toni said from her spot in the chair.

Fallon blushed, tucking her head under Sweet Pea's chin. He chuckled, his laugh reverberating through his chest as he held her close to him, unable to believe she was still alive.

"I'll give y'all a second." Toni said, exiting the room. Sweet Pea grinned at Fallon, and she blushed more, before her expression turned sour again.

"Goddamnit...the night I was grabbed I lost the switchblade you gave me, Sweets. I feel awful about it..." she said, and Sweet Pea huffed.


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"Shush. I'll get you a new one. Fuck the Ghoulies for stealing it. Did they take your skin, too? I know about your tattoo, Fangs told us."

"No, I wasn't wearing it. It's back at my trailer." She said, and Sweet Pea sighed in relief.

"I promise, Blue Eyes, I won't rest until those Ghoulies pay for what they did to my girl."

Fallon nearly fell over.

"I'm your girl?" She squeaked, and Sweet Pea's eyes widened when he realized what he said.

He turned red immediately, starting to stutter, "I-I mean if y-you d—"

Fallon, in a moment of sudden bravado, grabbed his collar and yanked him downwards, his lips meeting hers. Instead of pulling away like she expected him too, he drew her closer, one of his hands on the small of her back and the other moving up to cradle her jaw impossibly gently.

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