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"It's okay, you're okay. It's fine. It was just a dream."

Fallon clung to Fangs as she shook like a sapling in a windstorm, the shadows of a fresh nightmare haunting her eyes and clouding her brain.

"When are you gonna tell me where you were?" He asked softly, and Fallon shook her head, bleached blonde strands of hair sticking to her skin with sweat.

"Okay. It's alright. You tell me when you're ready."

Fallon was on day eight of her hospital stay, body healing after the brutal asskicking she'd gotten the night she'd been dropped on the side of the road from the Ghoulies' House of the Dead.

She hadn't told Fangs or Toni what had happened to her yet, where she'd been, why she'd just reappeared out of nowhere. She'd been unable to find her voice when she woke up after being out for two days, pure terror leaving her dumbstruck and waking with silent screams from horrific nightmares.

To his credit, Fangs hadn't left her side once, sleeping in the horribly uncomfortable hospital chairs as she drifted in and out of consciousness, a drugged morphine haze hanging over her mind.

He only ate when Toni brought him food, and even then it was only a few bites.

As her brother stroked her hair gently, she felt the dull drowsiness begin to creep insidiously back into her body and she yawned, her head resting limply against his barrel chest.

"Tired again?" He asked quietly, and she barely managed a nod, eyelids already beginning to slip shut. After all, this was the first real series of sleeps she'd gotten after a year of hell in the Ghoulies den. She usually got 3 hours of sleep a night, tops, after being forced to serve alcohol and drugs to higher ups and other...unsavory acts.

Her body went completely limp against Fangs as she slipped back into unconsciousness, the circles under her eyes getting less by the day as she slept off the crushing exhaustion and sickness that weighed on her like a steel trap.

Fangs planted a soft kiss on her head as he laid her back down in her bed, tucking the sheets around her frail frame.

"Goodnight, Fal. Sweet dreams."

It was noon the next day when she woke again, finding comfort in the fact that Fangs was still there, watching some dumb sitcom on the TV in her room.

"Well hey, bud. How'd you sleep?" He asked when he noticed her stir.

"Better." She croaked, her voice rusty from underuse. "Ah, she speaks!" Fangs said, his trademark grin lighting up his face. "I'm gonna get food, or maybe have Toni bring some. Do you want anything?"

She shook her head and with a wry smile.

Fangs shrugged and grabbed his phone, when she spoke again.

"I wanna...I wanna tell you where I was. But you can't get angry and start punching things until I'm done. Or preferably not at all."

Fangs raised his eyebrows, setting his phone down. He was intrigued.

"The Ghoulies kidnapped me."


"I told you to wait until I was done."

"I don't think you understand how fucking serious this is, Fallon! A rival gang, no, THE rival gang, stole my baby sister! And held her fucking CAPTIVE. God knows what they were fucking making you do, don't tell me because then I might actually fucking kill someone, and they left you for dead the night I fucking found you!

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