12- Birthday to remember

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Antonio sat on the bed next to Harlow watching her read the card that he wrote for her "I do love you." He whispered.

She closed her eyes putting the card to her chest remembering her wedding day and their vows "I'm sorry that you and the girls have to see me like this, this was definitely not my plan."

"Of course it wasn't your plan, and you shouldn't be sorry, if anything I should be the one who's sorry, I should have spent more money to help you.."

"It still wouldn't have mattered anyways, it is what it is..... thank you for the flowers though, I do like them a lot." Harlow set the card down next to her, and picked her plate back up trying to take another bite.

"You're welcome love." He says with a grin. "So how does the food taste anyway?"

"I can't taste anything, but I'm sure it's OK." She says shrugging her shoulders.

Antonio took her fork and tried a bite of her meatloaf. "It tastes pretty good actually, you should still try and eat it to give you your strength."

Antonio stood up and grabbed the flowers, he walked over to the kitchen and placed water in the vase, then put the flowers in the vase, setting them down next to her. Harlow set the card up against the vase and handed Antonio her plate "I can't eat anymore."

Antonio grabbed her plate and walked over to the table setting it down, he sat down and stared at her food "She didn't eat much, but at least she ate something..."

Sadie sat down at the table "The girls are pretty excited about tomorrow."

"I just hope Harlow will be able to handle it.." He took a couple bites of Harlow's meatloaf then pushed the plate aside after he started thinking about her situation.

"I'm sure she will try her best to enjoy the day, it is her daughters birthday and she was looking forward to it." Sadie says, as she stood up grabbing the plate of food. She put all the food away, and then got ready for bed. Leaving Antonio alone for the night, she figured that he needed to be alone and hoped that he would just go to bed.


"Sadie!" Gabriella said loudly, shaking her to wake up. Sadie opened her eyes and smiled when she saw big hazel colored eyes staring back at her.

"It's our birthday today! Are we going to go see Elsa and Anna now?"

"Yes, you will get to see them soon, you just have to wait until your mommy and daddy wake up though."

Gabriella and Isabella took off running, wanting to go wake up their parents, while Sadie got up and got herself ready. After the kids woke up their parents, they went back over to Sadie, asking to help them get dressed. Sadie got the girls dressed into fancy princess like dresses that she had bought for them, wanting them to feel like a princess for their birthday.

After they got their dresses on they twirled around the hotel room like little ballerina's, making Harlow giggle when she saw them spinning around.

Harlow was able to get out of bed and walked around on her own. She felt good today and felt like she had more energy. "See what a little food in you will do?" Antonio says to her, feeling relieved when he saw her walking around.

They headed over to epcot center where Antonio had the birthday party set up, Elsa and Anna were to surprise Gabriella and Isabella for their party, they knew that they would see them today, but didn't know they were going to be there for their party.

The girls got excited and started squealing when they got to the frozen castle, they didn't realize that their birthday party was inside. When they walked inside the castle, the girls were greeted by Elsa and Anna. They both went running up to them squealing and hugging them. Harlow had a smile on her that Antonio hadn't seen in months. He wrapped his arm around her kissing her. "I'm happy to see you finally smile, it's been a long time."

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