Fake Deaths

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It's 11:50pm now, I am announcing our deaths at midnight. I wonder what it will be like, dying I mean. My family will think I'm dead and to be honest I kind if wish I was. I say that, but I know it's not true, no matter how bad things get, I'm only ten. I don't want to die. I want a family of my own, a proper one with my own kids and husband. I am willing to die for my cause though, no matter what it takes.

Six minutes later. Four minutes 'till I die.
I hear voices, two of them, heading this way.

"I still can't believe that worked, do you really think she fell for it?" A girl's voice laughs.
"I hope so and stop laughing, it's not funny!" Another voice, a boy's this time. Though I can't quite make out who it is, I recognise it.
"If she figures out you're alive, I will kill you right in front of her eyes!" A different voice, I recognise this one too.

I glance at James and find he's looking at me quizzically. I brush my index finger against my lips to signal him to stay quiet and he nods. The voices are closer now. James and I creep back into the shadows so we can go unseen.

"Fine, yeah I get it, so if I go with you to thirteen, you will leave her alive?" I know the voice, I can hear properly now and I know who it is.
"Yes, I will leave her in peace." And this one, I know who they are. Wait, oh no. Oh no, please, oh please, no!
James quickly pulls me behind the trees as the three tributes walk on. I only got a glimpse of them but it confirmed my suspicions. I know who those tributes were and what they were talking about. Only one of them isn't a tribute. I only met her once. The others are tributes, the girl was just some random tribute, but the other. The other was Daniel...

There's no time left. I have no time to think, its midnight now and I have to do this right.
Images of the dead light up the night sky as the slideshow begins. There are more dead today.
Once all the actually dead people have appeared, I aim my device at the screen in the sky and line up the light coming from my device with it.

Then I play three slides. My face. James' face. And the slide at the end which says, 'dead'.

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