Ch. 13 Welcome to Hogwarts, Azalea

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Azalea and Blaise quickly bonded with each other. Azalea learns that Blaise is the only son of a famously beautiful witch who has been widowed many times which left Mrs. Zabini and Blaise a lot of money.

 Mrs. Zabini was a Slytherin during her time at Hogwarts, and that is why Blaise is excited to be sorted into Slytherin. He wants to make his mother proud and keep the Zabini name in Slytherin.

Azalea also got to learn more about Draco and his family. She learned that Lucius and Narcissa were sorted into Slytherin during their time at Hogwarts. She even discovered that the Malfoy and Narcissa's family the Blacks were all sorted into Slytherin and that is why Draco wants to be sorted into Slytherin.

During their conversation, the door to their compartment opened revealing a tall young boy with short brown hair and blue eyes. Draco and Blaise smiled when they see the other boy.

" Theo!" They happily greet their other friends.

Theo smiles at them.

" Draco. Blaise" He nodded his head at them when he noticed Azalea sitting next to Draco. " Hello" He politely greets Azalea.

" Azalea" Blaise speaks up. " I would like for you to meet our friend, Theodore Nott or Theo for short" He introduced Theo to Azalea. " Theo. I would like for you to meet our friend, Azalea Potter" He introduced Azalea to Theo.

Theo raised an eyebrow.

" Potter?" He carefully eyes at Azalea. 

Azalea blinks feeling tension in the air.

Draco's eyes narrowed at Theo.

" Theo. Azalea is a dear friend of the Malfoy family and Professor Snape. Despite being the Chosen One's sister. She is a very nice girl" He tells Theo as he protects Azalea. 

Theo nods his head at the mention of Professor Snape. He looks up to Severus, and he didn't want to end up in the Potion Master's wrong side. 

" My apologize if I scared you, Azalea" Theo apologize to Azalea.

Azalea smiles at Theo.

" It's okay, Theo" She tells him.

A loud sound grabbed the children's attention which let them know that the train is now leaving and is heading towards Hogwarts.  

The train begins to move which caused Azalea to look out the window seeing the train leaving the train station. She stays quiet as she wonders how her baby brother is doing. 

Throughout the train ride, Azalea continues to get to know the three boys. She quickly bonded with Theo whom she learns is the son of a powerful wizard that was sorted into Slytherin during his time at Hogwarts. Theo also wants to be in Slytherin because he wants to continue the Nott family's name being in Slytherin.

A few hours later.

A knock grabbed the children's attention. Theo who was the closest opens the door revealing the trolley witch who is selling different sweets and goodies. Azalea looks at the treats with an awed expression because she has never seen the Wizarding World snacks before. 

" Those candies look good. Draco, what are they?" Azalea asked Draco. 

" Hello, dearies. What would you like to have as a snack?" The Trolley Witch asked the children.

" I would like to get four of everything, but one Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, please" Draco tells the Trolley Witch.

The Trolley Witch nods her head as she gives four pumpkin pastries, four chocolate frogs cards, four cauldron cakes, and one Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans to Draco and his friends. Draco pulls out a black pouch and pays for everything. The Trolley Witch waved goodbye to the children and closed the door as she continues to go through every compartment to sell treats to the children.

Azalea wears a curious expression as she stares at the treats that were placed on a table which was magically appeared in front of them. 

" Which one should I try first?" She asked herself.

" Try the chocolate frogs" Blaise suggested. 

Azalea nods her head. 

She grabs a chocolate frog and unwraps the wrapper. She puts the chocolate frog in her mouth and happily sucks on it. A few minutes later, the chocolate frog begins to move in her mouth which surprise her. She quickly spits the chocolate frog out of her mouth which fell onto the floor. 

Shadow angrily hissed thinking that her mistress is in danger. He jumps out from under her shirt and attacks the chocolate frog.

The guys except for Draco wore a surprised expression when they see Shadow for the first time.

" Shadow!" Azalea calls out to the snake. 

" I'm okay" She reassured him.

Shadow decided to eat the chocolate frog not caring that it is a sweet treat. 

Azalea giggles finding Shadow's protectiveness over her rather adorable.

Blaise looks at Shadow in awe.

" You have a pet snake! That is so cool" He smiles at Azalea.

Theo nods his head agreeing with Blaise.

Draco smiles at Shadow. 

He remembers Severus buying the snake for Azalea as a birthday present back at Diagon Alley.

" Thank you" Azalea smiles at the boys.

Shadow slithers up the chair and then heads back to his warm spot which is under Azalea's shirt and around her waist. He happily hisses which let Azalea know that Shadow is happy where he is at. 

A couple of more hours later.

Draco sees Hogwarts in the distance and smiles.

" Look, Azalea. There it is!" He points at Hogwarts for Azalea.

Azalea looks out the window and smiles when she sees Hogwarts Castle for the first time.

Azalea looks out the window and smiles when she sees Hogwarts Castle for the first time

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" It's beautiful..." Azalea whispers looking at the castle in awe.

Draco looks at Azalea and smiles at her.

" Welcome to Hogwarts, Azalea" He whispers.

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