No Way Out...Part 7

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*Kayla's POV*

"What do you girls mean that you use to live here?" Christine asked. "Did you think we were homeless?" Rose snapped at her. "Judging by your lifestyle, yes" Christine said folding her arms. All of us just snapped. Oh! I just wanted to kill her at that moment. "Ok! That's it! I'm going to rip you apart!" I yelled and ran to jump on her but Zak ran towards me and carried me away from Christine. Nick, Aaron, Billy and Jay held back Trina, Rose and Josie. "No! Not the face!" Christine said backing away from us. "That's it! I had enough of your bitchy attitude Christine!" Trina yelled. "Yeah! None of us want us here!" Josie yelled at her too. Christine started mocking us and rolling her eyes.

Zak put me down and said "what is the matter with you?!". "What's the matter with me? What's the matter with you getting back together with that tramp!" I yelled at Zak. Zak said "don't yell at me Kayla!" Megan yelled "don't yell at Kayla like she's a child!" Christine yelled "she is a child!". We turned to look at her. "SHUT UP CHRISTINE!" We all yelled, even Zak did, surprisingly. Zak and I looked at each other. "Why are you ignoring me?" Zak asked. "I'm not ignoring you now am I?" I said sarcastically and rolling my eyes. Zak was now more pissed off at me. "Kayla! I'm not playing a game right now! Why are you acting differently?" Zak asked folding his arms. I folded my arms and said "you really want to know why I'm acting differently?" Zak said "yeah!". I was about to tell him how I felt about him. Will he hate me more? Will Christine beat me up?. All questions were going through my mind right now.

"Because Kayla is leaving!" Ashley blurted out. Everyone looked at her. I glared at her. She looked frightened at me. "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" Aaron said backing away and stopped at the van. "What did Ashley say?" Nick asked. I turned around to face Zak, Nick, Aaron, Billy, Jay and Kennedi. Since Ashley blurted that out, I might as well tell them, they were going to find out anyway. Zak's face was serious. "I'm leaving Las Vegas and moving to New York to live with my dad" I said. Christine was smirking. I wish I could smack that smirk off her too much make up face. "When are you leaving?" Billy asked. "2 days" I answered. I felt my throat burning. I bit my lip to fight back my tears from watering. Zak looked so hurt after he heard that I'm leaving. "But you cant leave" Kennedi said. "I'm leaving and no one is going to change my mind" I said. I looked at Zak. He looked straight into my eyes. "No one" I said with a shaky voice. A tear rolled down my face.

Everyone was silent. Christine looked so happy that I'm leaving. 2 days from now, I won't see Zak, the guys or the girls for a long time. "So that means we'll never see you again" Christine says. "No, I don't have to see you again" I said grinning my teeth. She gave me a dirty look. "Kayla please don't go" Aaron said with tears in his eyes. Aaron looked like a little child begging me not to leave. "I'm sorry Aaron, I'm going to move to New York" I said looking down. Zak opened his mouth, but no words came out. "I don't think we should talk about this now" Trina said. "Your right, we shouldn't" Zak said looking straight at me. He sounded like he wanted to cry. Zak Bagans, sound like he wanted to cry?. It now heart breaking for everyone now that they know.

I moved my hair behind my ear. "Can we start this Lockdown now?" I asked. Everyone agreed. All the equipment was set up. "Ok, lock the doors" Zak said to the owner. The owner locked the door. Here we go, let the lockdown begin. We were all at nerve centre and we all agreed Zak, Nick, Aaron, Trina, Rose, Josie and I to walk around the building first to see if the spirits remember us. Yes, when we lived here, this was became haunted after that one horrific night that shouldn't have happened. We know two spirits are still haunting here, our grandad James and our evil grandad Paul. We call our evil grandfather Paul because he treated us horribly when Trina, Rose, Josie and I were kids. Our grandad James is a good spirit, he wouldn't hurt any of us. "Hey Trina, can I talk to you for a sec?" Zak asked. Trina looked confused and said "uh...ok". Trina walked over to him. "We'll go ahead with the investigation" Nick said. We walked out of nerve centre and the negative energy is already surrounding us. I know something horrible is going to happen to one of us during this lockdown, maybe to us all will be in trouble but it's one of us that something terrifying is going to happen.

*Trina's POV*

It was strange that Zak called me back for a second. I think he wants to talk about the history of what happened here, which Rose, Kayla, Josie and I refuse to talk about. Megan, Ashley and Kennedi looked very confused but what ever Zak asks or talks about, won't change my mind of talking about our past. After Nick, Aaron, Kayla, Rose and Josie left, Zak said "ok, I just wanted to ask you, why is Kayla angry with me". Christine was about to open her mouth and saw something snotty about Kayla. I had my back to her. Without looking at her, I pointed the finger up and said "don't you even think about it Christine". Christine sat back into the chair.

"Zak, Kayla is mad at you because you didn't tell her about you and Christine earlier" I said. "I wanted to tell her but now I've changed my mind" Zak said. Changed his mind?. Christine sat up when she heard him say that. "Changed you mind about what Zachary?" She asked, grinning her teeth and folding her arms. I kept looking at Zak. "Nothing, it doesn't matter" he answered and shook his head. "Maybe it does matter" I said walking towards the door way. Megan, Ashley, Kennedi, Billy and Jay knew straight away what I meant by maybe it does matter. "What do you mean Trina?" Zak asked. I turned around to face him again. "Kayla has been your best friend for a long time Zak" I said. "What's that have to do with anything?" Zak asked. "Maybe your best friend was trying to tell you how she feels, but you didn't listen" I said. I walked out of nerve centre to meet up with Nick, Aaron, Kayla, Rose and Josie. Maybe I did give Zak a clue about Kayla's feelings for him. I really do hope he does say something before she leaves for New York in two days or by the end of the Lockdown.

*Zak's POV*

Trina left nerve centre, leaving me so confused. Megan, Ashley, Kennedi, Billy and Jay were looking at me. They know what this is all about?. "You guys know something?" I asked. "Yes we do Zak" Jay said. "What is it?" I asked. Christine was at the edge of her seat, listening to this. "You have to find out for yourself" Megan said. Kennedi and Ashley were nodding yes. "I'm going to find out" I said walking towards the door way. "What do you mean Zak? Kaylie is moving away big deal!" Christine said. She said her name wrong. "Kayla!" We all snapped at her. "Point is, your with me and always will be" Christine said checking her nails.

It clicked into me. "You! You told Kayla she wasn't good enough! That's one of the reasons she wants to leave for New York!" I said pointing at Christine. She looked frightened at me. "It's true Zak, she always says that to Kayla" Kennedi says. I was so angry. "That's it! I want you out of here before I come back to nerve centre!" I yelled pointing at her. Christine's jaw dropped because the way I was talking to her. I rushed back to the door way. "Where do you think your going Zak? She might not love you back" Christine said. I stopped in my place. I looked at her. "Even if she doesn't have feelings for me, I'm going to tell her how I feel" I said. "And that is Zak?" Billy asked. I knew Billy, Jay, Kennedi, Megan and Ashley were on my side. "I'm going to tell Kayla, I love her..." I said. Christine was pissed off now. I ran out of nerve centre to meet up with Nick, Aaron, Kayla, Rose, Josie and Trina. Christine was shouting back at nerve centre. "Zak Bagans! You come back here this instant! You won't leave me!" She screamed. I ignored her. My heart is telling the truth, I'm in love with my best friend that has always been there for me. I'm in love with Kayla.

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