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(End of the road ~ Boyz 2 men  )
(On repeat )

Mary's POV

Last night was eventful, but hey I made him happy . That's the only thing that matters to me. 


Me: and suddenly she became your everything.
                               sent 7:58am.

I got up because someone was knocking I opened the door to be greeted by Grayson with a rose .

"Good morning beautiful." He said , then gave me a sympathetic smile . He handed me the rose and gave me a really needed hug .

"How are you feeling?"He asked .

"Happy slash a bit tipsy from the two shots  of vodka I took 20 minutes ago, and you?"I lied .

"Not ok because I know you're not fine ." He said .

" you're right I'm not happy  because I'm tipsy ." I said twirling around.

He chuckled and went into the kitchen to get me a bottle of coffee.

"I was just joking about being tipsy . I'm not a psycho that drinks in the mornings. But honestly I'm happy ." I smiled  .

I took a sip as I looked at Grayson with a big smile .

"So I got some new music I've been hearing."He says pulling out his phone searching through it to find the new music .

I heard a familiar song from back in the day . As it played it started reminding me of the 2000's when I used to mess with the radio at the age of 5 and used to find some bops.

The nostalgia .


"Why do I have the feeling that they're going to get married and Ethan's going to forget me." I said laying on the couch upside down .

"You're crazy for saying he's going to forget you ."

"Ok let's test it . Don't talk about me with Ethan anymore and watch him forget me ." I put my hand out .

"Ok ." He shook my hand Agreeing to follow through.

Back in Cali

So it's been 1 month since we put the bet and I haven't gotten no calls , texts or visits. I knew he was going to forget me . She's perfect for him . Lets see how long this will go on .

"He is so into Eleanor it's making me sick ."Grayson said sitting in the island kitchen chairs drinking a glass of chocolate milk .

"You know what's making me sick ?" I said .

"Not getting Ethan's dick anymore." He smart mouthed .

I smacked the back of his head .

"No jackass , I was gonna say you drinking chocolate milk with a fucking baby spoon ." I snatched it out of this hand throwing it in the sink .

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