A breath of fresh air

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I did not answer him, just stared into his eyes reflected in the mirror. He shook his head, and walked out, closing the bathroom door behind him.

I dried off, rubbing the soft towel against my skin, and put on the clothes that lay strewn on the floor, pausing a few seconds before I put on the panties. It felt wrong, wearing clothes he had purchased for me, that he had selected for me. But it was also a huge relief to wear clean clothes again, to wear clean clothes that was not borrowed from him, to wear clothes that fit me.

I raised my hand up, resting it on the doorhandle, giving myself one more second of reprieve before having to face him again. I pushed the handle down, and opened the door.

He was leaning against the bedroom wall again, fully dressed now. I walked up to him, determined to not to let the episode in the bathroom get to me, determined to be brave. I stopped one step away from him, and stood there waiting for him to say something or do something, but he did neither. I raised my head, my eyes meeting his faraway gaze. He blinked once, and snapped out of his reverie, his eyes finally seeing me.

"Lets go, Ill make breakfast" His silky voice was distant, as he held out his arm, reaching for my hand. I let him take it, and followed him out of the room and in to the sunny kitchen.

He guided me to my seat, and pulled out my chair. I sat down, and watched him as he prepared eggs, bacon and toast. He looked like he belonged there, like he knew how to make more advanced dishes with ease. The smell of bacon teased my nostrils, and my stomack growled loudly. His eyes turned my way at this, his lips turning up at the corners.

"Do you want orange juice or tea?" He asked me, his eyes still sparkling.

"Orange juice, please." I answered, the whole scene felt so ordinary, and yet so wrong at the same time.

He started serving the breakfast after filling up the glasses with the bright yellow liquid. My stomack gave another rumble, and I attacked the food just as the plate was set down before me, tearing into it like I had been starved for weeks. Bite, after bite, after bite, untill everything was gone. I reached out for the glass, to quench my thirst, and stopped mid air, my wary eyes meeting his amused ones. His food lay untouched on his plate. His head was resting inbetween the palm of his hands, one elbow on each side of his plate. And he just sat there with an amused look upon his face. He had been looking at me while i ate, while I consumed my food like a ravenous wolf.

"Im glad that the food is to you liking" His musical voice glided across the table as he leaned back and started to cut into his own meal.

I gulped down some of the orange juice, slightly horrified that he had just witnessed that.

"I hope you enjoyed the show" I spat back, as I glared at him, watching him cut a piece of bacon.

"Oh, I did." He replied, as he staked the bacon with his fork and brought it to his mouth.

Being slightly annoyed at him, I decided to return the favor. Two people can play the staring game!

I tried to burn him with my gaze as he ate, focusing hard on his every movement. Watching him chew, cut into the egg, bring it to his mouth, open up his mouth, place the egg in, and commence chewing again. He didnt look at me, but a smile tugged at the corner of his lips.

"Enjoying the show?" He asked, returning my previous comment right back to me.

"Oh, I am" I answered, trying to mimic his previous reply.

A huge suggestive grin spread across his entire face. "It pleases me to hear that you take immense pleasure in watching me too love." His silky voice drawled.

My mouth fell open, my eyes widened. "No... I...I.. didnt mean..I..I..dont enjoy watching you..." I stuttered as I stared at him, horrified at his suggestion.

His face turned sour as he glared at me. I tensed as I took him in. His mouth was formed in a thin straight line, but then his shoulders started shaking. His mouth still pressed together in a thin line, started tilting upwards at the ends. Mirth sparkling in this eyes. Suddenly he couldnt keep it in anymore as he threw his head backwards and let out a roar. He was laughing so hard that his entire body was shaking. The musical sound filling the entire room, and I just sat there watching him, my expression turning from tensed horror to awe. His beautiful face was glowing with amusement, as I watched him laugh, watched him dry the moisture away from the croocks of his eyes as he tried to rain in his emotions again.

His bright cinnamon eyes met mine as he said "Do you want to go outside with me after I finnish doing the dishes?" His silky voice still held a tread of amusment.

"YES!" I did not even hesitate, nor think about the question. I would get to go outside! I would get to breathe some fresh air again!

He looked pleased at my outburst, a smile still tugging at his lips. He finnished his remaining orange juice, before he started collecting the dishes.

I found myself helping him, joining his side as he started to fill the sink with warm water. I reached for the towel, ready to start drying the dishes once he finnished cleaning them. And we stod like that, side by side, working together in silence, our arms slightly brushing against eachother.

"Thank you" His voice soft as he put away the last plate, closing the white cabinet door behind him.

"Your welcome" I replied, standing a few feet away, unsure about what to do with myself now that our mutual task was finnished.

He leaned against the kitchen counter and held his hand out towards me, waiting for me to take it. I tok a tentive step closer, and placed my hand in his grasp, his long fingers curled around my hand, locking it in place. He brought my hand up to his face, his soft lips gently brushing against my knuckles. My cheeks turned half a shade darker at the gesture, warming up under his cinnamon gaze. My stomack doing a little flip.

"Lets go outside" He said as he pulled me along, back to the hallway where I had left my shoes that first night.

He let go of my hand, and I pushed my feet into my black ballerina shoes. He put on a pair of black and red sneakers before tuning around. I watched him walk over to a door. It looked like we would go out using that door, not the one in the garage like the first time. He opened a white panel located beside the door, pushed a few buttones, and a small distinct beep sounded.

I bit my bottom lip in contemplation. He has an alarm. Was it just connected to the doors, or was it connected to the windows too? Propably both I quickly concluded. My stomack knotted. This place is remote, hidden deep inside some sort of forest, he has alarms on probably both the doors and windows, he himself is strong and fast, a trained mercenary. I could feel the tiny chance I had of escaping slipping through my fingers, but I was still clinging onto a tiny fragment of hope. I have to believe that one day he will trust me enough to make a misstake, and I have to be ready to grab that chance when it comes.

He unlocked the door, and motioned for me to follow him outside.

I stopped on the treshold, the bright sunlight hurting my eyes as I let my gaze glide over the soft green grass, over the tall firm trees enclosing the yard, and up into the pale blue sky up above with whisps of clouds slowly gliding across.

I took a deep breath, holding it in my lunges. It was the first taste of clean crisp air that had hit my lunges since I came here that first frightfull night.

I walked down the steps towards him. The bright sun kissed my skin as I sat down beside him on the lush inviting grass, not quite sure if I was free to walk about in the garden. But I did not care, I still felt free just sitting there soaking in the warm rays from the sun.

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