Chapter 5

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It was lunch. I have just gotten my lunch that Natsu's mum made me. I sat down on the wall and opened it. It smelt really nice. inside was a cute home made bento. "Wow!" a voice said next to me. I looked to my left and it was that Erza girl. "That's very well made" she said "Did you make it?" I looked at the girl. she had long scarlet hair.

"Eh no" I said.

"Looks like the work of a mother!" she said smiling. "what's she like?!" erza said leaning into me.

"Eh?" I asked her confused

"Your mum! he made this right" I suddenly looked sad. remembering how mum use to say she really wanted me to take a lunch box that she made but mum wasn't good at cooking.

"My mum-" I began "she's not around any more" Erza suddenly sat back and looked at me.

"Oh" she said "right.." there was a silence between when I heard him

"Hey Luce!"I looked up and he was waving me over. "you have to come and see this!" I stood up with Erza following me and headed over to the boys.

"How big is this thing?" one boy said

"It's not a mans! but men like it!" another said. Erza pushed through to the table where the boys were observing a bra. I suddenly panicked.

"So Luce is it yours?" he asked me. I blushed so hard my face was warm.

"Natsu!" erza shouted at him. "Why do you have it?!"

"I guess it must of got put into my bag" Erza stared at him.

"then why did you ask if it was Lucy's?!" she screamed.

"Cause she was at mines last night" there was a sudden silence. everyone who was eating stopped and stared at us. they completely misunderstood!

I stood there shocked. all those people I dint no had m-m-my. uh. I just wanted to live a normal quiet life but i guess that won't happen for me. they were all staring at me. waiting for me to answer. "eh, well, I" I hesitated. what was I meant to say? my dad and his whore kicked me out? I wanted to burry my head in to the ground.

"Her parents were out of town so my mum said for her to stay" natsu said looking at me. I looked back at him and mouthed thank you. a boy with ginger hair nudged him and said

"Get any then" Natsu stared at him, annoyed.

"Loke shut up!" he shouted at him

"So you did?!" another stood up next to him

"No Bickslow!" he began to look even more annoyed

"Your a man!" another said jumping up.

"No! okay nothing happened!" he looked at them all and they sat down. he picked up my bra and handed me it. I quickly took it and stuffed it in my bag. everyone was looking at me now.

"Lu-chan can you help me!" I heard coming from behind me. I turned around to see levy holding a pile of books waving at me. Erza grabbed my wrist and we ran to her.

"Lets go" she mouthed and we ran inside the building.

We were inside the library. "Are you okay lu-chan?" levy asked sitting me down at one of the tables. I was still embarrassed.

"I never thought Natsu was such a gentleman" erza said confused. she looked at levy "Good thing you came when you did I didn't know what to do" she sat next to me. Levy sat across from us. they were both staring at me.

"W-What?" I asked.

"So?" levy said curiously.

"So?" I was totally confused.

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