Ch. 12 Are you excited to go to Hogwarts?

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Azalea grabs Draco's right hand with her left hand which caused Draco to blush. Azalea follows Draco through the crowded hallway as they try to find a compartment to sit down and relax. Draco opens a compartment and looks inside. He smiles when he sees his childhood friend, Blaise Zabini.

" Blaise!" Draco calls out to Blaise.

Blaise opens his eyes and turns his head to the right. He smiles when he sees Draco.

" Draco. My dear friend!" Blaise spoke in an Italian accent. " So good to see you! Come inside and sit down" He noticed Azalea standing behind Draco. " Your friend is also welcome to sit with us" He smiles at her.

Azalea smiles back at Blaise.

Draco and Azalea enter the compartment as they sat down next to each other. Azalea looks at Blaise and wears a friendly expression because she wants to make friends in Hogwarts. 

Draco noticed.

" Blaise. I would like for you to meet Azalea Potter. Yes, I know what you are thinking. 'Isn't she the Chosen One's Sister?' Yes. Yes, she is, but she is a dear friend of mine" He looks at Blaise. 

Blaise looks at Azalea and smiles at her.

" A friend of Draco is a friend of mine" He held his right hand out to Azalea. 

Azalea held her left hand out to him. 

Blaise lightly takes Azalea's left hand with his right hand. He gently brings her left hand onto his lips as he kisses the palm of her hand.

Azalea blinks thinking that Blaise is the son of a King or Queen because of the way he acts.

Draco, on the other hand, is glaring at his friend for kissing Azalea's hand. He quickly pulls Azalea's hand away from Blaise. He turns to look at Blaise and glares at him.

Blaise noticed Draco glaring at him. He wears an amused expression because despite being an 11-years-old, he knows the signs of love when he sees it. 

" Don't worry, my friend. I am not going to steal her away from you" He chuckles.

Draco blushes.

Azalea wears a confused expression.

Draco looks at their joined hands which caused him to let go of her hand quickly.

Azalea smiles at Draco. 

She looks away from him and turns to look at Blaise.

" Blaise. Are you excited to go to Hogwarts?" She curiously asked him.

" Yes. I am excited to be sorted into Slytherin" Blaise tells her.

" Sorted? Slytherin?" Azalea wears a confused expression.

" Slytherin is one of the Hogwarts Houses" Draco tells Azalea. " There are four houses. Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Gryffindor. Slytherin is known for their resourcefulness, cunning, ambition, determination, self-preservation, fraternity, and Cleverness. Ravenclaw is known for their intelligence, knowledge, and wit. Hufflepuff is known for their hard work, dedication, patience, loyalty, and fair play. Lastly, Gryffindor is known for their bravery, daring, nerve, and chivalry" He explains to her.

Azalea wears a thoughtful expression.

She remembers Hagrid mentioning that her father, James Potter was the epitome of Gryffindor while her mother, Lily Potter could have been in all of the houses. 

Azalea looks at Draco and Blaise. 

" Aunt Petunia has told me that I am brave, loyal, dedicated, hard worker, intelligent, ambitious, determined, and resourcefulness" She tells them.

Draco and Blaise looked at each other. 

" One quality of Gryffindor, three qualities of Hufflepuff, one quality of Ravenclaw, and three quality of Slytherin" Draco tells Blaise.

" She could either be in Hufflepuff or Slytherin" Blaise comments. 

Azalea listens to the boys talk to each other. 

" You guys. Wherever I go, I am determined to pass all of my classes and to graduate at Hogwarts with good grades because when I was younger. I was in many beauty pageants, and the thing I have in mind is winning the gold medal because Aunt Petunia promise me that she would take me to get ice cream if I won. So, I had my eyes on the prize. Despite the challenges being a bit difficult, I was resourceful enough to pass them" She happily tells them.

Draco and Blaise looked at Azalea and then at each other.

" She is so going to be sorted into Slytherin" The boys smiled at each other.

" I also want to go to the same house as you two because you two are my friends" Azalea closed her eyes and smiles at them. 

Draco and Blaise looked at Azalea, and they both have the same idea in their mind. They want to protect Azalea's smile because they see an angel in her.  

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