Who is she?

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"I need a vacation." I announced to my friend Jenna as I worked on my paperwork.

"You haven't taken a day off since Marcus." Jenna said quickly regretting her words.

"Don't. Just don't." Trying to quickly change the subject I directed my attention towards Jenna's appearance.

The last twenty years have been kind to her. Her hair is shorter, a darker brown. Her skin and smile flawless. She found her mate and it shows in her. She glows with love and other lustful bullshit that everyone seems to enjoy.

It's something I've never understood. The mate bond. The infatuation and lust. The inability to control who you love.

"You're in your head again." She interrupted my thoughts.

"I know. I'm going to make arrangements to have the next month for myself. Everything will be forwarded to me via email or though mind link."

Technology has helped our kind significantly. We can survey areas more in depth and keep things running smoothly. It leaves me with the ability to delegate the work as needed and have some more free time. The amount of advancements the humans have come up with in the last 20 years has astonished really everyone. And with our intelligence we were able to enhance it as we saw fit.

"That's a good idea, where are we going?" Her eyes told me she was serious.

"I was hoping to go alone." I knew that the council would not allowed me to take a vacation without somebody accompanying with me. Being that I was the queen they wanted me protected. Truthfully, it would be easier taking Jenna this way I wouldn't have to bring many armed guards along.

"Let's go to New York." When she said it I honestly didn't think about it. I haven't been to New York City in a long time. The liaisons I have there do a very good job keeping the city in order. It's rare for me even to get a call from them.

"Yes. The big Apple it is."


After I made my arrangements I decided to leave my area in the hands of Jenna's Mate Jeffery. Knowing that he wouldn't do a thing without contacting me. Although I will be away I made it very clear that everything must be ran through me.

We're taking a private jet from our main area in California. I keep my private home and the people who work directly underneath me in California. It's significantly easier to hide among the humans in that state. Most of the population there is good looking and conscious of their bodies. It makes it significantly easier for us to blend in.

Regardless of the fact that I'm bringing Jenna I had two guards escort us. They were trained by Marcus many years ago. So I know that they are the best.


"Finally we're here." Jenna was practically jumping with excitement. "Hey, you. Where can a girl go to have a good time here?"

She questioned a young good looking guy. He was drooling over her. His eyes traveling her body.

"H-Hearts. It's the best club in the city." He stuttered but managed to get it out.

"Hearts it is then." Jenna stated giving him a million dollar smile.

"Kaitlyn, it's nearly 8. Let go get ready and we can head over."


She knows I hate nightclubs there's nothing but drunk girls and drunk guys groping each other. The only thing that these clubs are good for is having a few drinks. From people I mean.

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