Wicca - The God and Goddess

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Though some Wiccans believe in just a Goddess, many believe in the dually balanced male and female deities.After this main guideline, the beliefs differ in extreme ways. Some Wiccans have chosen specific Gods and Goddesses from different cultures or time periods, and some are happy without specific names or titles. The most popular 'Wiccan' Goddess and God aspects are listed below, but feel free to search further for specific Gods and Goddesses from Roman, to Greek, to Egyptian, etc.

The Goddess Three

The triple goddess means one Goddess with three aspects that correspond with the phases of the moon. The waxing, full, and waning moons. The three aspects are the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. The new moon is not accounted for however. Some merge the Crone, or waning moon, in with the New Moon, and some believe there is a fourth dark and unseen Goddess. Again, these beliefs differ for every Wiccan. 

Maiden: Represents the Waxing Moon phase. She stands for childhood, adolescence, beginnings, purity, virginity, independance, and courage. 

Mother: Represents the Full Moon phase. She stands for motherhood, protection, fertility, growth, and sexuality. 

Crone: Represents the Waning Moon phase. She stands for old age, wisdom, change, transformation, death, rebirth, and banishing.

The Horned God

The God aspect of Wicca is known as the Horned God. Like the Goddess with her three personas, the God has two main figures. The first is the Sun-God which coincides with the sabbats and seasons, much like the tripple goddess with the lunar changes. The story of the Sun God begins on Yulewhen he is reborn every year, bringing the beginning reign of light again. 

At Imbolc  

he continues to grow with the days, growing longer in length. He begins coming into his full youth while the Goddess is too in her Maiden aspect. Together they grow until Ostara. The God is now a young man and takes the Goddess as his bride. 

On Beltane  

their marriage is consumated with a joyous celebration. 

On Litha  

the Sun God reaches his peak of life with the Summer Solstice. The Goddess is now in her Mother aspect. 

On Lammas  

he dies, remembering that through all death is life.  

On Mabon

he is mourned by the Goddess, now heading into her Crone stage. He resides in her womb, awaiting Summerland. 

At Samnhain  

he returns to Summerland and awaits rebirth. There he waits, growing younger until he is reborn again at Yule. The Goddess is now fully in her Crone form.

The God and Goddess of Wicca represent the balance of the universe and they compliment and complete each other. Two sides of the same coin. However, they do not represent opposing or opposite sides. Both God and Goddess can represent the same things. Both can embody nature or life and death, for example. They work together as a single force within nature and the universe, yet separate from each other.They are neither good nor evil for these concepts are human constructs. They are beyond such concepts. They are no more evil than a hurricane or as good as a gentle summer rain that waters human crops. They are creation and destruction, life and death, birth and  rebirth. They are the raging ocean and the calm sea, the hurricane and gentle breeze. They are the embodiment of the universe.

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