Chapter 9 - Another One

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Evening of the 27th of June 2010


Stephanie stood there shocked, and then she ran out of the ballroom. I was so happy that I was finally able to let my family know about Draco, it had been too long, and my friends knew finally as well, I sent my kids to my parents and grabbed Draco's hand and dragged him off to where Harry and Ginny were standing, and the rest of the group.

"Hermione, how could you keep this from us?" Ginny asked.

"I'm sorry, I just didn't know how to tell all off you, I was scared that you would hate and not be my friends anymore after everything that we had been through," I spoke sadly, due to my selfishness.

"Oh, Hermione all we want for you is to be happy, and if Malfoy here makes you happy then we except it, but don't expect us to become best friends with Malfoy, it will take some time," Ginny said.

"Of course, it was a shock Mione but eventually we will accept it as well," Ron said.

"Thank you, all of you, I'm so grateful for it, I will be forever be in your debt," I said.

"Well you can start by repaying that debt to introduce us to your children," Ginny said.

"Okay, Draco go get them for me please, Love?"

"Of course, Mia," Draco walked away, and Ginny turned to me.

"Mia?" Ginny questioned me.

"Yeah, it is being something special only he can call me," I answered.

"So how long have you been Married?" Ginny asked.

"10 Years," I answered back.

"10 YEARS, OMG that is so long, wow, how old are the kids?" Ginny asked again.

"Scorpius is 7 years old and Faith is 4, How about you?" I asked.

"Well we have Teddy who is 12, James who is 7, Albus at the age 5 and Lily who is 3 years old, Mum is looking after them," Ginny said.

"And Ron's Children I knew he has two kids?" I questioned.

"Yeah he does with Lavender, Rose who is 7 and Hugo who is 5 like Albus," Ginny answered.

"Mummy, can I have some chocolate ice cream, Daddy says I can't have some," Faith's Voice asks from nowhere.

"Faith, Honey where are you for starters?" I asked.

"Back here Mummy," she said. I turned around and saw her approaching with Draco.

"Well Faith if Daddy said no, we can get some later form the Kitchens, okay," I said looking at her.

"Thank you, Mummy, love you," she said.

"Love you too" I replied, I looked up at Draco and he wasn't looking amused. I quickly sent the kids off to Ginny who was looking really excited.

"Mia you can't keep doing that, we need to co-parent things, at the moment I look like the not cool parent, and I am not a not cool parent, you're supposed to be the strict one, I was supposed to be fun. Come on" Draco whined.

"Oh, stop whining Babe, I'm the fun one and we all know that even the kids, better luck with the next one," I smiled up at him as it took a moment for him to register it,

"Wait, you're pregnant, You're Pregnant were having another kid. This is fantastic, you always have ways to surprise me, all the time out of the middle of nowhere you surprise me with a pregnancy, how far along are you?" he rambled.

"5 Weeks, I only found out 2 weeks ago, and I didn't want to stress you with it till we had this break, I was planning on telling you a bit more privately, but well you know it was the perfect moment," I said. Draco pulled me into a passionate kiss, before twirling me around. He put me down and dragged me across the ballroom back up to the stage. He cut off the song by tapping on the microphone.

"Excuse me all, Hermione and I have big news, we are expecting another child," Draco said to the audience. Everyone started to clap, whooping, pictures where being taking from all sides, we waved, laughed, kissed and then made our way back to the ballroom.

 Everyone started to clap, whooping, pictures where being taking from all sides, we waved, laughed, kissed and then made our way back to the ballroom

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