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You felt Hiro scoot closer to you.

You playfully rolled your eyes but nevertheless cuddled with him.

Today, you and your boyfriend were just at your house, chilling as it was a boring day.

Hiro decided to visit you so it ended up with cuddles while watching some romcom (Romantic + Comedy) on the living room.

Your parents were out at the moment too, making the both of you have the desired alone time.

Hiro sighed in content while moving to place a soft kiss on your cheek, making you giggle softly.

Since you were only at home and not planning on going out, your clothes were just a loose white shirt with comfortable black shorts. Hiro had his same attire as always, it was funny how he never changed his wardrobe clothes.

While the TV was blasting some cheesy lines of the romcom, you heard some footsteps and a figure near the kitchen opening.

Quesnay looked at the both of you with curious eyes, a silver spoon on her mouth. You noticed that she was holding something on her hand, a small plastic container with a brownish substance.

I forgot to tell you, you and Quesnay had a sleepover at your place and it seems like she just woke up from her slumber. Her black hair was almost as Hiro's, sticking around in different angles.

"Bored?" She spoke, her voice a bit groggy.

Hiro finally noticed her by her sudden voice.

"Oh, hey Ques." He smiled at her briefly before turning his attention at the TV once more.

"Are you going to kiss again?" She took out the spoon from her mouth and made some fake gagging sounds.

"Probably." You teased, sticking your tongue out playfully earning a grin from her.

Hiro glanced at Quesnay to snicker at her but only then he realized what she was holding.

He widened his eyes in horror and instinctively scooted away from you, well far from Quesnay and you.

Apparently, Quesnay noticed this and took a step forward, a concerned but curious look on her face. "What's wrong?" She asked the boy who was sweatdropping with nervousness.

"Don't come near me." Hiro spoke in a soft voice while having an apologetic look on his face.

You were concerned for your boyfriend as well. "Why not?" You raised an eyebrow. "What's going on?"

Quesnay seemed to get what was happening and had a playful smirk on her lips. "Oooh~ I get what your afraid Hiro." She chuckled, having a mischievous glint in her eyes.

"Quesnay.. nO." Hiro laughed nervously when he saw the brunette walk towards him.

"Quesnay, yes." She mocked his tone.

Hiro then leaped out of the back of the couch and ran upstairs, Quesnay on his tail.


Instead of helping your loving boyfriend, you were lying on the couch, holding your stomach while laughing hard.

You saw them pass by in your vision and that only made you laugh harder.



You were already done with your laughing fit and glanced at the two while still shaking from earlier. You saw Quesnay happily eating the peanut butter while Hiro had his hands on his knees while bending and panting.

Hiro stood up properly and regained his posture while glaring daggers at the black haired girl.

"yOU MONSTER." He said dramatically and pointed at Quesnay. "yoU WILL PAY SOMEDAY. GOT THAT?"

You snorted, holding your laughter for a bit.

The girl hummed but it was clear that she wasn't paying attention one bit.





okay that was lame.

sorry for this short one. 😅 i had to complete this and wow, i realized that it would be a drabble for now haha.

August 24, 2018
672 words

Hope ya enjoy this one! But I'm not done yet, I still have 3 drafts and I'll try my best to finish 1 or 2 to complete this book.

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