20. The Gala: The Announcement, The Plan

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• Y/n - your name

~~~Your point of view~~~
It had been almost two months since you and Damian's first date. You had had more fun dates with Damian in different places and doing different activities. You and he had gone for picnics in parks, went on hikes, seen movies, and had even gone to an outdoor concert. You had also done more music videos and used your recording studio more, but you had still not done any collaboration videos with other singers. At school, you and Damian had to deal with Mb/n's flirting daily, but you would always find a way to get rid of her unwanted company. It was now near the end of the school year so there was less homework and even more time for you two to hang out.
After school during the second to last week of school, you and Damian were sitting together on the couch watching a movie when Bruce walked in and gathered the rest of the boys. You paused the movie and listened to Bruce.
"In a couple weeks during Damian, Y/n, and Tim's summer break is the summer music festival, there is going to be food, live concerts, small merchant stands, and other activities. They are having trouble with funding, however, so I am hosting a charity gala for the festival and school music programs. It is going to be held at the music and arts center. Damian, Tim your classmates are invited as well as some donors from other cities. It would also be nice if The Siren could show up and do a song or two to help encourage people to donate." Bruce explained and looked at you for the last line. You were unsure what to do since you had wanted to go as a normal girl, not the Siren. You nodded to Bruce. "Also, Dick, Jason, Tim I would like to talk to you in private.
"He did it!" The boys shouted simultaneously pointing at each other.
"No one is in trouble this time," Bruce sighed.

~~~Tim's point of view~~~
Jason, Dick, and I followed Bruce down to the cave. "This is Y/n's first gala so she could use some help with what to do and what to wear," Bruce explained.
"Why can't Barbra do it like when she took Y/n shopping for clothes?" Jason whined.
"She is not here, she is on an assignment," Dick told him.
"Why can't Damian do it? He's her boyfriend." I asked.
"No!" Dick shouted slightly.
"What? Why not?" I turned to him.
"This would be the first time he would see her dressed up for something fancy. It should be a surprise." Dick explained.
"I understand," I nodded.
"Geez you sure do like drama," Jason smirked.
"So who is going to help Y/n?" Bruce said making us focus again.
"It should be Dick or me," I said.
"I think Y/n seems more comfortable with Replacement here," Jason added his observation before walking out of the cave.
"Okay, so Tim you will help Y/n go shopping?" Bruce asked.
"Sure why not," I confirmed.
"Great, she'll have 1,500 dollars for her dress or a dress for the Siren," Bruce told me as he turned to leave.
"Wait," I said.
"What?" Dick asked. Bruce faced me.
"Who is she going as?" I wondered.
"That is up to her. Knowing Y/n she'll want to go with Damian, this could be her chance to make their relationship public to their class." Dick explained.
"Yeah, but she'd also want to support the festival and music programs as the Siren," I added.
"Hmm," Bruce grunted as we both explained our points.
"What if we got a plan that let her come as both?" I asked him.
"Fine, I'll make sure there is a private room for her to change if it's needed," Bruce accepted my idea and walked away.
"Great, I'll take Y/n shopping tomorrow," I told Dick.
"Let's get Y/n and come up with a plan," Dick said as we headed upstairs.

~~~Damian's point of view~~~
Grayson and Drake walked up the stairs that led to the Batcave and walked over to us. "Hey Y/n," Grayson smiled at us.
"Um, hi," my beloved responded.
"You want to go to the gala as both the Siren and yourself right?" Drake asked stopping Grayson's awkward conversation with Y/n.
"If I can, I would like that very much," she responded.
"Great! Bruce said you could and we have a plan that might let you do that," Grayson said cheerfully.
"Cool, so what is it," Y/n asked, now excited that she could go with me and be the Siren.
"Okay, here it is," Drake started. "We will spread the word that the Siren will be attending the event but might be arriving later than the other guests. On the night of the gala, you will arrive as Y/n at 7:30 PM, the time the gala starts, so you can hang with Damian, dance, or whatever else you want to do. At 8:30 PM you will say you have to go home, but you really are going to the back of the center to a secret room Bruce reserved for you to change in. You will then sneak into a limo a block away before arriving as the Siren and staying to sing and whatever else Bruce needs. Sound good?"
"Yeah, except what will I wear as the Siren or myself? I don't have anything formal." Y/n asked.
"Don't worry, I'll take care of that," Drake assured my girlfriend. "Anything else?"
"Um," Y/n seemed embarrassed about whatever was the problem.
"You can just tell one of us if you want and they will take care of it," Grayson said calmly. Y/n nodded and leaned over to his ear to whisper something. Grayson smiled slightly before telling her he would help.
"So anything else?" Tim asked.
"Nope," Y/n smiled.
"Great. I'll see you tomorrow morning to go shopping." Drake said.
"Thanks so much!" Y/n hugged my brothers.
"Haha, no problem," Grayson laughed lightly. "I'll help you after Tim."
"Okay," Y/n agreed, giving him one more hug. 'I wonder what he's helping her with,' I thought with some jealousy. With that, my brothers walked out of the room leaving me and Y/n to finally finish our movie. I wanted to ask Y/n what she had needed help with, but she had chosen to only tell Grayson for a reason, so I respected her decision.

~~~Tim's point of view~~~
Dick and I walked out of the living room where Y/n and Damian were finishing their movie.
"So what did Y/n need help with?" I asked Dick.
"She doesn't know how to dance," Dick whispered to me.
"Yeah, I see why she only told you. It would have been a problem if she went to the gala and couldn't dance." I stated.
"Well, I'll see you and Y/n tomorrow morning so I can drive you to a dress store. I never thought I'd see you shopping for dresses whether or not they were for you." Dick laughed.
"Hey," I complained.
"Hehe, see you tomorrow Timbo," Dick waved as he walked to his room.
"Yeah you too," I laughed as I walked to mine. Tomorrow was going to be quite a day.

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