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Third Person's Point of View:

"Are you sure you don't want to go?" Reggie asked Madyson as he looked outside his car's window. Madyson smiled at him, "I'm sure. I just hate parties."

"Noted. See you tomorrow, bestfriend!" Reggie grinned. Madyson giggled, "Bye, bestfriend."

Madyson entered Pembrooke and saw Smithers again. "Hi Smithers, is my mother here?" Smithers nodded. Madyson climbed up the steps and walked into the living room, where her mother sat waiting for the twins.

"Mija! There you are - where's Ronnie?" Hermione asked Madyson, worrying about her daughter. Madyson rolled her eyes at her mother. "She wanted to go to a party, so she ditched me and Reggie dropped me off, thanks for asking," Madyson muttered walking past her mother and heading off to her room.

Madyson sighed, laying on her bed in boredom. She grabbed her phone and began to text one of the only people not at Cheryl's party.

Madyson Lodge:
Are you still open for that offer at Pop's?

Jughead Jones:
Yeah, I'm not even close to done yet anyways

Madyson stood up and took her oversized knitted sweater and changed her heels into more managed shoes, white vans. She took a car and drove out to Pop's.

When she had arrived, her head was down. Accidentally, she bumped into a leather-covered back. She gasped and caught herself before she fell. Madyson looked up and saw a tall boy with dark eyes and hair, who seemed to be the same age as her, maybe a year older. "I'm so sorry! I wasn't looking and - um..." she stuttered.

The boy faced her and glared. "Look where your going next time, northsider," he hissed at her. Madyson looked down and nodded, avoiding the group and walking over to where Jughead sat.

Jughead looked at her with a raised brow. "I thought you were gonna snap at him, like Veronica would," he admitted with amusement.

"I told you... I'm not like Veronica, I don't even act like a Lodge. I'm the ugly ducking with the family of swans, but instead of blossoming into something beautiful, I stay the same," Madyson exclaimed.

Jughead scoffed as he showed her his computer, containing the novel of Jason Blossom and Riverdale."You aren't an ugly duckling. You're more like a runt of a litter," Jughead told her.

Madyson rolled her eyes in disbelief, before looking at the computer. "You're lucky, I can edit this," Madyson muttered, fixing the first chapter's mistakes. Jughead rolled his eyes," There's so much going on, I don't have time to edit." Madyson hummed and returned the laptop.

"You're done, already?"


Jughead's eyes directed a bit off from Madyson, and he chuckled. Madyson looked at him with confusion. "What?" She asked.

"Southside Serpents are looking at you," Jughead told her. Madyson whipped around and saw the group of three whip around to avoid her gaze. "Probably looking at you because you're food," Jughead whispered.

Madyson turned at him with wide eyes. "What?" She asked squeakily. Jughead chuckled, "I'm kidding, Mad."

Madyson sighed and placed her head down, her forearms cradling her head. Jughead glanced at her and stared at the group who stared back. He narrowed his eyes before he shook his head and continued to type away.

"Madyson? Maddy, there you are!" The chock'lit shoppe heard Veronica's loud exclamation. Madyson sat up and smiled awkwardly at her sister. "Hi..."

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