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Madyson's Outfit:

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳"If I were to say that I was Veronica's equal to the world, I'd be lying

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➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳
"If I were to say that I was Veronica's equal to the world, I'd be lying. Ever since we were children, she received all the attention and I? I received pity... Which is attention but, isn't the good kind."


Third Person's Point of View:

"Mads, let's go!"

Madyson squeaked at her sister's loud voice and snatched her bag and ran as fast as she could down the steps, with the acception of heels. "Bye, Smithers," Madyson waved with a soft smile. Smithers, their front desk person, smiled returning her temporary farewell.

Madyson left the Pembrooke and entered the black car, her sister had went in. "Maddy, your outfit gives me life," Veronica laughed. Madyson giggled quietly.

"You think they're gonna know about... you know..."

"Mads, we met that hot ginger last night and that's what your worrying about? We're gonna be fine, Mad. Besides, we're Lodges, we'll get our way!" Veronica said brightly. Madyson nervously chuckled, unsure on the statement given. Even with her disagreements, she stayed quiet; like always. "I think his name was Archie..." Madyson quietly told Veronica who gasped.

"You actually paid attention for once!" She laughed.

Madyson blushed in embarrassment and hid her face with her bag. She groaned, "I hate you, Ronnie. I really do."

It was lunch, and it'd be the time when the Lodge siblings would find each other since they were separated at third period. "Maddy, there you are! So... Have you made any friends?" Veronica asked her sister while they walked down to find a table.

To her surprise, her younger twin nodded. "Yeah, surprisingly..."

"Who?" Veronica gasped in interest. Interest that her sister already had a friend when she hasn't; Veronica was more on the social side, so she expected herself to have friends by now.

"The girl who was speaking during the assembly, Cheryl Blossom. A football player who is also my science lab partner, Reggie Mantle. The gay guy, Kevin Keller. A girl in my English class, named Val. Uh... I think that's it..."

Veronica's mouth gaped. She couldn't believe that her sister knew more people than she did, everyone usually knew Veronica more than her quiet, small twin; who was unusually smaller than her sister. She closed her mouth and saw the girl who was their guide and the ginger who they met last night. Madyson groaned quietly, "Why them? Oh wait! Kevin's there!"

"Can we join?" Veronica asked them. Betty Copper smiled at them - at Madyson. "Yeah."

"What are we doing?" Veronica asked, suddenly butting into their conversation. Madyson shrived at the awkward tension. "Listening to one of Archie's songs," Betty smiled up at Archie.

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