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Third Person's Point of View:

"Daddy, no! Stop it!" The youngest daughter laughed as she attempted to retrieve her cheesecake which had been stolen by her father. Her twin sister giggled, filming the scene with her phone. Their mother sighed happily, playfully facepalming. When the youngest of the family had received her cake back, she sat down and turned away from her father so he could reach it again.

"Maddy, are you going to go shopping with us later, or no?" Her sister asked. 'Maddy' shrugged, replying after she had finished her slice of cheesecake. "I don't know, Veronica. I just don't want to - you know be near..."

Veronica nodded, understanding why her sister had refused. "It's fine, Madyson. I promise we'll get you dresses and stuff later, though!" Veronica smiled. Madyson smiled and looked out the windows of the tall tower. Her face dropped in fear. "Mija, what's wrong?" Her mother asked.

Madyson looked at her family and whimpered, "Daddy... Why is there a ton of police outside? Is someone here? Is something bad going to happen?" Her questions were answered after the doors were kicked open.

The Lodge family stood up, with Madyson and Veronica behind their parents. "Hiram Lodge, put your hands behind your head and turn around,". A police officer demanded, Hiram Lodge following his orders.

"Daddy?" The twins called out, their minds still processing what is happening. "What is the meaning of this?" their mother, Hermione Lodge, exclaimed.

"He is being arrested for fraud and embezzlement -"

"Fraud, embezzlement ?!" The Lodge women repeated, with a tone of confusion and shock. Hiram looked at his two daughters and smiled softly, "Mijas, look out for each other and your mother, Okay?" He then turned to his wife and nodded at her. They watched as he was guided out of the restraint and into the police cars.

"Maddy... Ronnie... Let's go."

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