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"Jack, let's go. The party is gonna start soon"I yelled. "Hang on. I can't find my jacket"he yelled back. "Did you leave it at her house?"I asked.

"No. I only left a couple jeans and a few shirts there. I brought all my jackets and other stuff"he said. "Just find one. We don't have all day"I said.

After a couple seconds, I heard feet coming downstairs and saw him. "Finally. Let's go"I said. I grabbed my keys, locked the door and drove to Sam's and Gabriel's house.

I parked and was about to get out when I noticed Jack just staring. "You ok kid?"I asked. "You think Sam will like me?"he asked. I nodded.

"Yeah he's excited to meet his new nephew. Just don't talk to Gabriel. He's a bad influence"I got out of the car. Jack followed.

Once we got in everyone was talking to Jack. Just saying nonsense. I smirked and walked over to Sam. "Hey"He said. "Here's the paper and now we can focus on you and Gabe. So who's wearing the dress?"I smirked.

He laughed. "Don't even. It's took me two hours and something else to convince Gabe to not wear a dress. I ain't going through that again"he said. I gagged. "Gross"i whispered.

After a while people started to leave Jack alone and Sam finally talked to him. And they got along great. I was talking to Charlie when I noticed Cas and Balthazar.

"I know. He won't talk to me. I don't know why"she said to me. I shook my head. "I might"I said. She gave me a confused look.

"Balthazar came over couple nights ago and asked me where cas was. I didn't know and of course he didn't believe me. Jack was over and when Jack was trying to go back upstairs. He hit the kid. So I dragged him out and told him I kissed Cas"I said.

"Wow. I've been drunk all week. You got in a fight with Balthazar. Good week"she smirked. I laughed.

After a bit, Gabe and Sam were thanking everyone for coming and what not. Than Balthazar said he had something to say. "I know it isn't my party, but I just can't wait"he smirked and looked at Cas.

"Castiel there moments I meant you I fell in love. I don't ever want to lose you."he got down on one knee. Everyone started to gasp and get their phones out. I wanted to get my pocket knife out and repeatedly stab him. In the neck.

I looked at Charlie and she had her pocket knife in her hand and was about to walk towards them. I grabbed her. "Will you marry me Castiel?"he asked him.

Cas looked around. Than looked at me. I just gave him a look. And he looked back at Balthazar. "I'm sorry"he said and walked out of the house.

Everyone looked shocked and Balthazar looked pissed. "Sucks to be you doesn't it"Charlie laughed. I gave her a look. "Screw you. Screw all of you. Especially you Dean. You ruined everything for me"he walked out. I smirked. "Thank god. No more of him"Gabe said. Everyone stared at him.

"What? He was a bad guy"he shrugged.

The party continued and me, Sam, Gabe and Charlie all tried to call Castiel. But he wouldn't answer. Once the party ended, we gave up.

"Just call if any of you hear ok"I said. Everyone nodded. Me and Jack walked to the car and I drove home.

"So. Have fun?"I asked. "Yeah. Everyone was really nice. Especially Sam. I like your family"he said. I smiled. "I'm glad. Cause your stuck with it now"I said. He laughed. I pulled into the driveway and noticed someone sitting on the porch.

"Hey. I'm gonna talk to him. You go inside"I said. He nodded. We both got out of the car and Jack waved to Cas and walked inside.

"Hey"I said. He waved. I sat down next to him. "Rough day?"I asked. He laughed. "Wasn't fun."he said. I nodded.

"So you done with Balthazar?"I asked. "I've always been done with him. We always fought. And he would always end up hitting me. That's why he showed up at your house. I left cause he hit me. And I got tired of it"he said.

"I'm glad you left"I said. "I should've left earlier. I'm sorry he hit jack"he said. "Kids fine. I'm glad your fine to"I smiled. "I remember the kiss. And I know you told Balthazar. He was really pissed when I came back that night."he said.

I nodded. "I'm glad your adopting Jack."he smiled. I nodded again. "I love you. You know that right?"I asked. "Of course. I love you to"he said. "No Cas. I love you the way Gabe love sam. The way Charlie loves grenade launchers."I said. He smirked and kissed him.

"Yeah. I know. I love you to"he said. "Was it really that obvious?"I asked. He shrugged. "Kinda."he laughed. I smirked. "You sure you wanna be with me. I mean, I got a kid and all"I smirked. He nodded. "I guess I can get use to that"he kissed me again. "Great"I whispered.

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