➳ A Thousand Years (Part 1) ➳

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Bold-Italics: Song Lyrics

Plain: what's happening in the present

Italics: her thoughts/flashbacks from earlier that day

This is a songfic, to the song A Thousand Years by Christina Perri (XD I LOVE HER!) Includes a lot of NaLi. Song on the side => The story won't be in a specific order, it's all  randomness, so don't get confused now!



After Lucy had ran out of the chapel, she stood in the full parking lot, looking for a place to run. She knew she shouldn't have come here. It broke her heart to see the person she loved get married to another person. And that person was one of her best friends. She felt betrayed.

After looking around for a few seconds, she spotted her silver Lexus and sped towards where she felt most safe: the roof of her old high school, Fairy Tail Academy. On there, she had found a piano. Yeah, it's crazy for a piano to be on a school ceiling, but she's never been more grateful. 

She quickly sat down and started playing to a song that was honestly met for him. 

Heart beats fast

Colors and promises

He clasped Lucy's hands in his and stared deeply into her brown orbs.  

"Promise?" Lucy asked again. "Please promise me."

"I promise Luce," he said, leaning closer. She could feel his hot breath on her face. "I promise that we'll always be together, no matter what."

He instantly catches her soft lips in his, as their tongues faught for dominance. 

How to be brave

How can I love when I'm afraid

To fall

Right before he had left to go to the alter, he had come to speak to Lucy, who was close to tears. She was trying to keep them at bay. It was her best friend's wedding. She should be happy, crying tears of joy, not tears of sadness. 

"Hey Luce," he said. It was an awkward silence, before Lucy broke it.

"Congrats," Lucy said, her voice hoarse. She cleared her throat, and her voice returned to normal. "Lisanna's a very lucky person..."

"Yeah, hey Luce?"


"Uh, I really, uh, want you to be happy, so can you try to find someone for yourself? I probably won't be around as much as I used to, but I'll still try and be around."

Lucy nodded and a lie came out of her mouth. "Don't worry about me. Sting had asked me earlier and I was thinking of... ya know."

A lot of people know that Sting had a crush on Yukino. With one last grin, Natsu turned around and left. 

But watching you stand alone

All of my doubt

Suddenly goes away somehow

Lucy smiled as she remembered prom day at the Academy. It was also the day she had confessed her feelings. 

Natsu was sitting alone at the table. In fact, besides Lucy, he was the only other person not dancing. He moved to the empty seat next to Lucy, with his hands in his pockets. 

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