Ch. 11 King's Cross Station

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First Year.

September 1, 1991.

Monday morning.

Azalea wakes up from her slumber. She quickly gets out of her bed, grabs her green towel and robe, and runs towards the bathroom to take a quick warm shower. In ten minutes, Azalea finished taking a shower. She gets out of the bathtub and puts her green robe on and a green towel on her head. She runs out of the bathroom to her bedroom to change into her clothes. 

Azalea took her green robe off and changed into a long sleeve green shirt, blue jeans, and black flats. She took her green towel off and decided to put her long wavy red hair in a ponytail. She looks at herself in the mirror and smiles.

" Today is the day" Azalea whispers. " You are going to attend Hogwarts and see your new friend, Draco Malfoy," She tells herself.

A hissing sound grabbed Azalea's attention.

Azalea turns around and smiles when she sees her pet snake whom she named Shadow.

Shadow was a birthday present from Severus since she asked him if it is okay to take a snake to school which he said 'yes' to her

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Shadow was a birthday present from Severus since she asked him if it is okay to take a snake to school which he said 'yes' to her. Shadow and Azalea quickly bonded when they looked at each other in the eye at the shop. Severus wondered if they bonded because the snake thinks Azalea's eyes remind him of herself. 

" Shadow!" Azalea happily greets her pet snake. " Today is the day. Today we are going to Hogwarts" She carefully takes Shadow out of his home and lets the snake slither under her shirt and lightly wraps himself around her waist to keep himself warm. 

Azalea giggles finding Shadow ticklish when he wraps himself around her waist. 

A knock on the door grabbed Azalea's attention. Azalea looks forward and smiles when she sees her younger brother.

" Harry! You excited for today?" Azalea asked him.

Harry looks at Azalea and smiles at her. 

" Yeah! All of our stuff is downstairs in the living room. Also, Aunt Petunia wants us to eat breakfast before we leave" Harry tells her.

Azalea nods her head. 

Azalea and Harry left her bedroom and walked down the stairs to the living room. Azalea noticed that Vernon and Dudley aren't in the house. She turns to look at Petunia who finished making breakfast for the twins.

" Good morning, Aunt Petunia" Azalea politely greets Petunia. " Where is Uncle Vernon and Dudley?" She asked her.

" Your Uncle went to drop Dudley off at school first, and then he is going to work" Petunia turns her head back to look at Azalea. " I am going to take you two to King's Cross Station," She tells her.

" Cool!" Azalea smiles at Petunia.

Harry sits down at the dining table as Azalea sits down next to him. Petunia puts two plates of food in front of the twins as she sits down across from them. The twins happily ate their breakfast and smiled at Petunia. 

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