You Just Haven't had Enough...Right? Chapter 18

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I woke up to slight movements and soft voices. I open my eyes and see I am being piggy backed with my arms tucked in close to me so I am only supported by the two strong arms wrapped around my legs. "OLAY! SHE AWAKE!!!" Onno said doing a weird dance making me laugh. "And she HAPPY!!" he chanted 'happy' as he did a weird dance over and over while they walked across green lands with trees like the ones I saw in my dream with that fary and dragon thing.

"Where are we?!" I asked sitting up.

"We're in some sort of portal. We found it when you were sleeping and slid off the tree and Onno fell to the side looking at the back of the two trees and screamed noticing your top part was gone." laughed Kendall my carrier. "So we ventured in here."

"Oh..." then I was wondering why Shane wasn't carrying me, because he is usually the one who does that thing. "Um why is Shane way ahead of us looking all pissed?" I whispered.

"Cause your ex decided to piss him off by kissing you while you slept 'thinking' quote end quote you were knocked out. To make it worst Ashton then decided to pick you up bridal style and have your head on his shoulder making 'Shane's spot' exposed and open for any quick meals."

"So basically Ashton is being a jerk and Shane is holding his temper?" I asked smiling

"Yeah. You know that Shane guy is rubbing on me." he said looking at me with a smile, "I think he will work for me."

"I'm glad I got your approval." I said hugging his neck.

"You know, I am not sure what I would do without you." Kendall said kissing my cheek, "you're the best sis I could ask for."

"Whatever!" I laughed as he continued to walk.

They walked for awhile and didn't stop until we reached a stoney patch with a river running by. "How about we stop here cause my arms are aching." Kendall suggested. Shane just nodded, Onno joked called Kendall multiple names meaning weak, Ashton just sat down right next to me. I look at Ashton who looked like he was busy thinking about something then I looked at Shane who was across from me and he just glared at Ashton.

"Can someone tell me why were are silent cause two guys have their panties in a twist?" Onno asked making me and Kendall laugh quietly. "Well really I can talk to you two but these two are being jerks over one chick! Personally if this is 'who knows her better?' thing then sorry fellas but you two fucking FAIL!! Cause I read minds AND I guarded her all my life so you both suck." Onno said shrugging.

Both Ashton and Shane snapped their heads in Onno's direction, "come again?" Shane asked

'There is the protective Shane!' I smiled.

"Don't worry I didn't go porno on her ass I just watched her while she was clothed!" Onno said with a disgusted face. I looked down at my hands as then messed with a piece of thread that was hanging loose from my shirt. I then noticed that my clothes were dirty and had alittle tears and holes and such in it.

I got up and went up stream alittle bit where I was out of hearing range and hidden from them as I took off my shirt and began to rinse it in the cool water. I then ripped a piece of my shirt off and used it as a rag so I could rinse my wounds and dirt spots. Once my top half was clean I began to rinse off my legs up to where part of my thighs were hidding under my shorts. Finally I put back on my shorts then leaned over the pool of water and dunk my head in the water and rinsed out all the dirt, mud, blood, and Lord knows what else out of my hair.

Once I was fully clean to my standards I sat on a near by rock and  watched the water. "Sorry if I'm being a asshole just that Ashton guy knows my buttons to well..."

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