Chapter 14. Wedding Night and Prom.

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Belle's POV

Small white flowers and white rose petals are falling down like snow from the helicopters hovering in the night sky. A violin and a piano are playing in the background as the wind gently kisses my veil. The small candles inside small jars float calmly on the water while some are on the beach as if reflecting the stars in the night sky. The lighthouse and the pretty little lights surrounding the castle overlooking the whole island added to the charm of this beautiful night. The night that I am marrying Alexei. My Alexei Viktor Volkov.

Aria is doing a great job as my flower girl. She is such a sweetheart and behaves like a little angel. She's tossing the petals with a pretty smile on her face while looking at her daddy. Our ring bearer was supposed to be Jakoby Quinn, the boy licker. However, he attempted to throw our rings to the water as he was having a fit. And so the next best option for our ring bearer was our big man, Boris. I just giggle inside. My pee buddy is our ring bearer.

Amy is my maid of honor and Nikolai is Alexei's best man.

Axel de Alba will be officiating our wedding. I'm not even gonna attempt to think about the weirdness of the situation. What's important is that I'm going to marry the love of my life tonight.

I have noticed that Alexei have been adjusting his tie for the past several seconds looking all serious. His brother on the other hand has a small smile plastered on his face whilst holding his cane, looking all too dapper and handsome. I can sense that Nikolai is actually happy for his brother and I could never be more thankful.

What Nikolai, Alexei and I share is out of the ordinary. The three of us are in a relationship that most people would see as not normal. To some it may be ludicrous but to me, this is my normal. Love is beyond any definition or standard and the three of us have proven that time and again.

Nikolai, Alexei and I click. Like the perfect click. Our relationship work just as any other romantic relationships, only that there's three people in our equation.

I took a deep breath as I am a few steps away from Nikolai and Alexei. I am starting to get emotional --pregnant hormones please -- and so I tried to compose myself together and halted for a few seconds.

For a split second there, I saw alarm on Alexei and Nikolai's faces. And I think I know what exactly they are thinking. My goodness. They just don't know how much I want this marriage to happen. I just don't want my tears to smudge my make up so I don't look like a racoon in our wedding pictures.

And so I continued walking with a smile on my face. "Hey, I made it." I said playfully when I finally reached Nikolai and Alexei.

"Hi." Said Alexei.

"Hi." I replied.

"Took you a while." He continued.

"Sorry, had to fart." I replied with just enough volume that only he and his brother can hear.

Alexei now has a full blown smile on his face. Nikolai on the other hand shook his head and slowly took a hanky from his jacket pocket to cover his nose teasingly. I just smack him lightly on his chest.

"Shall we?" Alexei asked while offering his hand for me to hold. We then faced Axel De Alba for the ceremony to begin.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen. We are here to witness the union of Mary Arabella and Alexei Viktor. Man and woman, have you come here to enter into marriage freely and without coercion?" Axel cleared his throat momentarily and then continued. "Especially you, Belle? Did you walk down here in your own volition?"

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