chapter twenty ; high hopes

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march. 2010

Natalia closed her bedroom door and then turned around to look at her younger brother. He was sitting slouched on her bed and fidgeting with his hands. She'd told him that she wanted to talk woth him and ever since then he felt like he was in trouble. He knew that Natalia wasn't super supportive of his decisions although she was warming up to his lifestyle.

"What's wrong Finn?" She asked bluntly as she crossed her arms. Finn bit his lip and cocked his head. He knew he'd feel better if he told her but he didn't want to worry her.

"Nothing is wrong. I just haven't gotten much sleep lately." The tall boy responded nonchalantly.

The young woman sighed. "Are we in any danger?"

Finn glanced down at his feet. He had no idea what he was supposed to say to that. He loved Natalia and his family, and he hated constantly lying to them. However he didn't feel like they were in any danger, he was the one in danger.

He stood up and looked into her eyes. "No, you are not."

With that, he walked around her and headed for the exit of her bedroom. Natalia grunted and plopped down onto her soft bed. Her mind was a complete wreck and it was all her stupid brother's fault. On one hand she was extroardinarily appreciative that he saved their father, but on the other, he was causing her a ton of stress.

Life was so much simpler when they were young and carefree.


"Hey Marvin, uh... can I ask you a personal question?" Finn said rather shyly. The older boy cracked a smile and shrugged. They were in the lab and needed to do work but neither of them were being very productive.

"Where do you live?" He added bluntly. Marvin chuckled and raised an eyebrow in confusion. He had absolutely no idea as to why Finn would want to know what.

Marvin opened his mouth to talk but no words were coming out. "I uh... Why'd you wanna know?"

Finn knew there was a very small chance that Marvin would actually tell him where he lived. There was only one plan that he thought might possibly work. He took a step toward the taller boy and looked deep into his eyes.

"Oh I don't know..." He muttered as he slightly bit his lip. "I'd like to get to know you better and maybe one day I can visit you..."

As Finn continued to talk he slowly inched his face closer to Marvin's face. Marvin could feel his cheeks heat up a bit and he was getting quite flustered and embarrassed.

"I live in the Byer Apartment Complex, apartment 315." He stated while trying his best not to making eye contact. Finn smirked and grabbed a wet cloth that he needed to clean some of the appliances.

"Thank you so much."

Part one of the 'Assassinate Marvin Plan' was complete. Now all Finn had to do was get the weapon, pay Marvin a visit one night, and make it look like an accident.

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