Chapter 16

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Harry paced back and forth in his office. His mind was a blur and everyone around the house knew it. Nothing was going right, he hadn't been outside in days, and his hygiene was starting to show the fact that he was most likely losing it.

"He still hasn't called yet." Harry said quickly and his eyes only met Zayn's for a brief moment before returning back to stare at the floor. Zayn sat in the office chair across from him and shrugged, slumping further into the seat.

"He will boss, he will." Zayn ran his hands through his hair and listened to Harry's feet touch the tile floor again and again. The noise itself would've drove anyone crazy.

"Why hasn't he then? He's supposed to call. Tell me how she's doing. Tell me how the fuck to get her back." Harry couldn't tell if he was on the verge of screaming and ripping the place apart or bursting into tears on the floor.

"Maybe he's busy. He could easily blow his cover with how often you feel the need to check up on her." Zayn rolled his eyes and only for a moment Harry stopped pacing.

"So what else would you like me to do Zayn? Stand around and act like I'm not going batshit crazy without her here? We both know she's somewhere in that fucked up whore house probably getting beaten or having some sort of drug test run on her."

"You've literally gone completely mad, haven't you? What more what Holden want other than for you to think that?" Zayn asked as Harry still stood watching him. Mean glares set on both of their faces. "You don't think he knows you're going to come get her? You don't think that this is what he wants? He's setting a trap and you're walking straight into it."

Harry didn't say anything to Zayn as he stood for a second before, after what had felt like hours, he sat down. His breathing finally seemed to catch up and he finally turned his computer on to see a thousand emails all from different parts of the country. They were either from his men asking how they could help or from different gangs around the country asking the same thing.

"Everyone wants her back Haz, so let us help." Zayn forced a small smile Harry's way and Harry nodded. Zayn was right and he knew that, no matter how hard that was to accept.

"I need to shower." Zayn chuckled and nodded at the messy boy in front of him.

"When I'm ready, I need to meet with someone." Harry sighed and Zayn furrowed his eyebrows.

"Who? I'll have them here in an instant."

"Bring me Luca, no guards. No guns. Just me and him in the cellar downstairs." Harry stood and went to exit the room with confused Zayn hot on his end.

"You're not serious Harry? That guy wants you dead just as much as Holden does." Zayn stood at the edge of the stairs and watched as Harry continued to sulk up them, two-by-two.

"Just do as you're told Zayn." Harry continued up the steps and Zayn still stood at the bottom watching him. "And call that rat of ours up as well."

"You really think I should call Louis? Now? I feel like he's already in a lot of heat."

"No, not Louis." Harry continued to walk down the hallway towards his bedroom. "Call Nate. Tell him it's time."

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