I climbed into my bed and opened my lap top. I logged on to Skype and then twitter. I looked at Diggy's profile and saw that he was on line and with a push of a button I sent Diggy a call request. Within seconds he answered and his gorgeous face appeared on my screen. I smiled and immediately began to blush as I saw him smile back from ear to ear.

"Hey baby how'd the conference go?" he asked.

He was wearing a white wife beater with his gold chains still hanging around his neck and just looked delicious.

"It went okay" I said stifling a smile.

"What happened?" he asked making a face.

Damn I hated that he could read me like a book.

"You want the good part or the bad?" I asked sighing.

"Bad would be better" he replied.

"We have to live with Mindless Behavior in the same house in LA for two months and then go on tour with them for a year" I said blankly.

He raised his eyebrows and his eyes grew wide.

"Wooowww" he responded.

"Mhmm" I hummed nodding my head.

"What's the good part?" he asked.

"That I love you" I answered with a chunky smile.

"Hahahaha that actually makes me feel better" he laughed.

"Yeah but not me. Love the dudes, but living with them in the same house... What did I get myself into"

"You'll be fine. Just as long as they don't try nothin', I'm good too"


I wanted to tell him about Princeton and Ray Ray, but then again he didn't need to hear that there were more guys after me. So, I just shut my mouth and smiled like it was nothin'.


I grabbed my last suitcase and shoved into the trunk of the car. I slammed it shut and retreated back into the house. I grabbed my Coach book bag and threw it over my shoulder. I picked my coffee up off the counter and sipped it. It's gon' be a long year.

I had on a black and white Varsity football jacket, black basketball shorts, and black and white Adidas flip flops. My hair was pulled up into a messy bun with my bangs dangling in front of my face. I didn't bother putting on my contacts, so I put my glasses on instead.

"You ready to go?" my mom asked smiling from ear to ear.

"Yeah" I sighed.

"Awwww you'll be alright" she said patting me on the shoulder.

"You just want to get rid of me" I replied sucking my teeth.

"No not entirely. I want you to enjoy this new experience and grow from it" she explained.


"C'mon girl we have to go get Jazzy"

And with that we left the house. I plugged my earphones in and began to listen to Fortune by Chris Brown. "Turn Up The Music" began to ring in my ears making me dance in my seat.

We pulled up to Jazzy's house and I got out of the car. Her house was smaller than mine, but her air conditioner was the bomb. I knocked on the door and the loud barking of Sophie began to ring in my ears. The door swung open and Sophie jumped up on me giving me millions of dog kisses.

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