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Since its foundation, South Korea has been under the rule of a monarchy. Even in today's society where most countries have dethroned their Kings, South Korea remained the same. The citizens of S. Korea knew the names of the members of the Royal family by heart. Kim Young-ae, the grandmother of the current King. The "unseen Prince" Jeon Jungkook, half brother to the current King. The "unseen Princess" Kim Geongmin, full-blooded sister to the current King.  

And of course, the "unseen King", Kim Namjoon.

After the passing of the last two Kings the Royal Queen Dowager made the decision to place her grandchildren into hiding due to various assassination attempts upon the royal family. Other than pictures of them as children, no one knew what the royal children looked like, the Royal Queen Dowager being the only one to be seen by the public and calling the shots till the eldest was of age and married.

Up to this day, the Royal Queen Dowager was still Queen Regent, even when the eldest grandson was now past the legal age.

He was still given the title as King, but had yet to take his sovereign powers from his grandmother.

As of yet, no one knew why and the royal family refused to provide an answer to the public.

Word suddenly scattered across South Korea, that the Queen Regent was looking for a spouse for her grandson and would hold a competition for it from a large number of eligible suitors between the ages of 19 to 25.

The country was in an uproar. Many were excited, many were getting their daughters ready, making them presentable because at any moment a letter would arrive to the candidates and someone from the palace would pick them up.

Confusion filled the air when the letters first arrived. Seokjin's mother was no exception to the confusion of Korea's people.

Seokjin had had a long day; University classes in the early morning after working the night shift at a car wash cafe in Hanam, which was a good hour and thirty minutes subway ride away from his home in Gwacheon. He always comes home tired, but always arrives eagerly to make dinner for his mother and little brother, Taehyung. 

Taehyung usually arrives after a quick shift at a grocery store near his high school. His routine is usually the same: come in, take his shoes off, throw his school bag aside, then plummet to the ground and complain on how hungry he is. By then Seokjin is usually setting the table, so he just waits till Taehyung finally decides to pick himself off the ground and eat. When he does so, he eats wholeheartedly.

Their mother arrives after dinner. Seokjin sits in the living room with his laptop opened to a pdf document on camera angles for a class he's taking while Taehyung is sprawled out on the couch watching "Idol Producer" on his cellphone, some reality survival show for idol trainees in China. Their tired mother mumbles a greeting before flinging her shoes off and heading for the kitchen to eat, turning on the tv to watch the news. 

Each of them is just doing their own thing when the doorbell rings. 

"I can get it," Seokjin states, standing. His mother is already exiting the kitchen, however, shooing him away from the door. 

"I've got it," she says before she's at the foyer and checking the monitor. Seokjin goes back to to the couch, quickly giving Taehyung a shrug before grabbing his laptop again and turns his attention back to his assignment. His mother puts on her shoes and steps out.

He's reading up on dolly shots when he hears his mother outside shriek. "What the hell is this?!"

Seokjin jerks up to his feet, running to the foyer to slip on his shoes and heads out. He's sprinting down the stairs when he stops halfway. From where he stands he can see his mother fighting with three soldiers in uniform at the gate, a female and two males. Slowly, he continues going down each step to listen in.

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