Naruto's Return, cuddly boy, and a confession

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Naruto's POV

Seeing sasuke when I first woke up made me happy I had to hug him but it was really hard to so he hugged me as I purred happily.

I clinged onto his shirt and nuzzled his neck as his scent soothed me to sleep......

I woke up from a dreamless sleep to see I was still in Sasuke's arms and I nuzzled him again "sasuke" I mumbled as  he started moving "hn" he hummed while nuzzling my head causing me to purr "are you hungry cub" Sasuke asked and I nodded, he started to get up though I thought it was gonna leave me until he picked me up in his arms and started to leave his room.

When we made it down stairs I saw how happy everyone was to see me kyuubi was crying with his kids, Menma was looking away his banger were covering his eyes though I saw the top of his nose was red along with his, cheeks and his ears were pressed against his head Sasukie was hugging him Itachi was smiling while rubbing my older brother's back.

 They all cared about me it made me so happy soon sasuke started to take me to the kitchen were I saw a big bowl of ramen and a slice of strawberry shortcake which made my 9 tails wag happily as sasuke sits me down then takes a seat that was next to mine Menma sat on the other side of me with Sasukie by his side then Itachi and kyuubi sat down two.

We all ate like a happy family I was so happy that they cared and loved me that I started crying.

-----(time skip)---------

I couldn't go to school with sasuke tomarrow since i was so weak and it sucked but that was until sasuke suggested that I turn into a fox and all I have to do is tap his face when ever im about to turn human.

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I agreed to go along with it as I smiled up at him he leaned down and kissed me and j kissed right back I love him as much we pull away and hugged each othe.

I started to lean back taking Sasuke with me as I fell back he didn't want to smush me though so he tried to keep from falling on me I then wrapped my legs around his waist as I clunged to him like a koala and it stayed like this for a while until he gave up and just laid on top of me as I purred loudly and nuzzled my face into the crook of his neck.

Our cuddle time was cut short as sasukie walked in "hey sas..........did I interrupt something" he then asks as we looked at him "yes" Sasuke says "sorry but uh itachi wants you two down for food" sasukie says as he left the room hummimg.

Sasukie rolled his eyes and then kisses me quickly as he soon gets up I hanged on to him so he would carry me to the table.

Sasuke's POV

I'm glad Naruto was ok now and I didn't mind he was more clingy then normal as long as I got to hold him in my arms.

I carried him to the dinning room and sat him down in a chair and managed to get him off me then sat down in a chair beside him.

Naruto had reached out for my hand so I allowed him to hold it as I locked our fingers together my tail had began to wag softly.

__(time skip)__

All 6 of us sat in the living room watching infinity war that played on the screen Naruto laid his head on my chest as he purred happiyl I wrapped my arms around his waist while smiling happily I love this goof ball, my ear twitches softly as I looked over to see sasukie cuddling menma who was alseep how dare he sleeps on this movie.

Itachi started snickering but also tried to stay quiet while dong so kyuubi ear was twitching alot.

I looked back at the movie to see what was going on it was really good actually though kyuubi and Naruto started crying cause of their favorite character I was actually quiet sad myself but I didn't really show it neither did itachi was just comferted our mates as they cried.

We watched the credits to the very end and low and behold sasukie started crying which wole up menma who started asking what happened and we all went on a rant.

Naruto had started to nuzzle my neck indicating that he was getting sleepy so I picked him up and carried him to my...our room to get some sleep we have school tomorrow.


Itachi was with the babies playing around with them and letting them play with his ears.

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Kyuubi walks into the room with a goofy smile on his face as he sat beside his mate and picked up Akira.

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Akira giggles as he looks up at his mother and smiles.

Kyuubi pokes Akira's nose earning another giggle from the small kit "it's time for bed boys" he says says smiling as itachi and Akio looks up at the red fox.

Akira starts to play with kyuubi's hair giggling playfully "alright" itachi says while getting up Akio had grabbed onto his father who chuckles picks up the small Raven in his arms "let's get to bed" he says following kyuubi out of the play room to their room "let's sleep together like a big family" kyuubi says as his tails wagged happily at the thought of it while itchi only shook his head at the idea.


Sasukie and Menma was laying in bed together cuddling "hey sasukie" menma says quielty "ya" sasukie replied back "let's have Cubs one day" the Raven fox says.

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