A New World

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My mind slowly woke up and I heard voices surrounding me. I must of fainted once again. "Hey! Wake up!" I wondered who found me collapsed against the tree at that time of day. Opening my eyes, I realised that I wasn't on the hill anymore. My body went into overdrive and I tried to get to get up. My struggling wrists seemed to be tied in some sort of rope and a blindfold stopped me from scanning my surroundings. The air around me wasn't like outdoor air so I concluded that I was being held inside. "Time to bust out of this pathetic rope and surprise these motherfuckers." I thought, a smirk forming on my delicate lips.

I tried to relax and shift to my true form, my captors shifting in their seats. "What have you done to me!?" I shouted, malice clogged in my words. English scraped off my tongue like sandpaper, Daemona and Astrali tempting me to use them. "I shouldn't speak in case they find out."

Whispers crept from a feminine mouth. "She looks familiar. Should we let her go?" She spoke with worry. "No, we have to wait and see what will happen." A stern voice echoed through the large room. "What will happen to me?"

The opening of a door caught my attention as I heard the captors turn their heads. I felt the presence get closer and closer towards me, the breath of the person warm against my blindfolded face. After a few seconds, light poured in my eyes and saw what was in front of me.

The woman was crouching in front of me, staring intensely into my sapphire eyes. She had short, curly hair that framed her sharp jaw and cheekbones. Her lips were straight and unmoving and the eyebrows on her forehead were thin and furrowed in frustration. All of a sudden, the irises of her once hazel eyes turned into a blood red. "Another Demon?! What is she doing?" A hiss ringed in my mind and I fought back a flinch. My head pounded in pain, sending shockwaves coursing through every nerve in my brain. I knew exactly what she was doing.

Trying to avoid the compulsion, I used my mind to try and fight back despite the dying need to succumb to the comfort. Every cell in my being forced me to relax and give in. To comfort and warmth. My icy eyes narrowed at hers in a deadly gaze, determined to beat her without shifting into my demon or angel form. I distracted myself by all means. Biting my cheeks and looking away seemed the most successful. After 15 seconds of pure staring, she cut off and turned to face the others.

We were currently in a grand hall of some sort, with decorated floors and curtains that draped like silk. Gold accents laced the high walls and ceilings. A giant chandelier hung above our heads, its bright light shining on the people surrounding me. The girl to the immediate left had copper hair and bright topaz eyes. She stared at me in curiosity, her body adjusting in...fear. She was afraid of me. Her white blouse was tight against her pale skin and a beige skirt adorned her legs. My gaze locked onto hers and she snapped her head back in fear.

Looking over to the boy next to her, his eyes pierced my very being. Rectangular glasses framed his face and navy blue orbs. Vigilance radiated off his tan skin as he crossed his arms.  "He seems impatient..." I thought as the creaking of a chair rang in the room, the boy now approaching me at a rushed pace. The red head's eyes widened. She clearly protested against the idea of the boy going near me.

"What's wrong?" He stated, the older woman now standing up. "I don't know Caleb," she spoke, "I can't seem to get a reading of her." "That's what the bastard's name is... Caleb." Caleb spoke with concern. "What? You're the best we have! You can't get a reading? Why?!"
"I don't know! I never experienced this before!"
"Did she fight back?"
"She didn't shift so I'm guessing she has some sort of immunity to my compulsion...."
Caleb stared at me, trying the analyse why I stopped the woman's compulsion. My icy eyes narrowed in malice and he froze for a split second. He turned to the woman, worry seeping through his skin. "Can she understand us? She's definitely not human that's for sure." Whipped his head around, we locked eye contact and a sigh left his thin lips. "Can you understand me?" He spoke in Daemona. A lump clogged my parched throat, choking me of words. "Melissa," Caleb called to the redhead, "Can you speak in Astrali for me?" Melissa was hesitant at first but eventually she crept up to me, her topaz eyes constantly looking at mine in weariness. "Hello? Can you hear me?" She muttered shyly. A smirk played on my beautiful features. "Should I surprise them?.... fuck it."

"I can understand you both." I spoke in English. My voice was cold as ice and strong as steel. Caleb, Melissa and the woman all reacted shocked, Melissa stepping back in fear. "Gods above! I-I don't believe you! Speak in it then!" I sighed. "Caleb sure likes to test my patience." My arms started to burn in pain from the rope that bound my wrists, pulses of pain rippling throughout my muscles. "I really want to get out of this chair. My arms hurt." I complained in Daemona, my r's rolling off my tongue perfectly.

Caleb's eyes widened in shock and I could hear his breath hitch. "D-do it in Astrali!" Sweat stared to form on his forehead. I shook my head and smiled, my ivory whites shining in the light. Craning my head up towards Melissa, she froze in fear. Her ginger hair curled around her distressed blouse and face. My muscles relaxed despite the excruciating pain writhing in my muscles and I let my face fall. I smiled at Melissa. "Why are you afraid of me?," I asked, Astrali flowing out of my sculpted lips, "I'm not going to hurt you." Melissa's face then relaxes, revealing her pretty features under her stress and panic. She replied in Astrali, "Ok. I believe you. What's your name?"  I smiled once again, my pastel hair flowing like silk despite there being no breeze. "My name is Aurora. Aurora Kalmaya." Melissa's smile drops as her face grows paler. "Oh..." She mumbles. Bowing quickly, she scuttles back.

Caleb quickly intervened as he saw Melissa. "Ok. From this point on you are a proud member of our community." My eyebrows were raised in confusion.

"Welcome Aurora to the Crystal Institute for Angels and Demons."

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