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These incantations help with spells or can be used as a sort of chant. They are written in Latin (which is a dead language) and the translation isn’t perfect but it works anyway. And don’t worry if your pronunciation isn’t perfect.

Goddess Aphrodite:

Aphrodite, dea, Nos a malumquod vis nocere nobis et spiritus, nos sunt aperta adaqua dare nostrum. Tueri nos.Tueri nos. tueri nos. O carissima ad munda nos mali et aperta Transitus crystallis.


Aphrodite, goddess, Keep us from the evil that wants to hurt us and our spirits, we are open to the water you give. Protect us. Protect us. protect us. O dearest to cleanse us of evil and open the Passage of crystals.


 mihi scientiae mundo omnia scire necesse est. recludam mentem videam potentiam quae alii non. da mihi hanc cognitionem oportet me discere et scire maya opus


it is necessary to know all, and of the knowledge of the world to me. unlock the power of the mind to see what others do not. I ought to learn and to know, give me this knowledge of the work of maya

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