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How To Love (A Christmas Story)

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            Jasmine is fifteen years old. Her family gets by on the little they earn.

“It’s five days till Christmas” Jasmine thought to herself. Every year Jasmine earns enough to buy one gift for her family members. Jasmine’s boyfriend, Andrew, is an only child who lives with his mother. Jasmine and Andrew were childhood friends and every year Andrew and his mother go to Jasmine’s house for the holidays. Every year Andrew managed to get Jasmine a gift. Jasmine has already bought presents for each of her family members and only has $1.00 left (65 cents of that is in pennies in which she’s found and saved). Though she didn’t have much, Jasmine was determined to get Andrew a gift.

            “What will he want?” she asked herself, combing her long brown hair. Jasmine loved her hair and combed it everyday, but her combs were very old. Every year she would either get perfume or a new blouse for Christmas. Jasmine set down her old combs and headed to town with her change.


            Downtown Jasmine walked by a camera shop.

            “Andrew does love photography” she thought to herself, wondering into the camera shop. Gazing around in awe, her light brown eyes came across a medium sized digital camera with a tripod. “He might like this” she said to herself, but when she saw the price tag her heart dropped. “Oh my” she said sadly “I don’t have two hundred dollars”. Jingling the change she had in her pocket, she left the store. Walking downtown she ran into Andrew.

            “Hello my love” he said smiling at her.

            “Hello” she replied gingerly “what are you doing downtown on this fine snowy day?”

            “Just walking to the pawn shop” he said running his fingers through her long hair. Andrew loved her hair as much as she did. “What are you doing downtown on this fine snowy day?”

            “Oh just doing some last minute shopping” she replied, kicking snow around with her worn out boots.

            “Have fun” he said smiling “and zip up that coat you don’t want to catch a cold”.

            “Would you still kiss me with a cold?” she asked.

            “I don’t care if you’re sick, I don’t care if you’re contagious” he said to her, lovingly “I’d kiss you even if you were dead” he smiled and planted a soft kiss on her lips. “Meet me back here in 10 minutes” he said to her then continued walking. Obeying her caring boyfriend, Jasmine zipped up her black winter coat and continued onto the shops. It wasn’t long after when Jasmine stumbled into a 99 cent store. They were selling things like candy canes, hot chocolate and ginger bread cookies for 25 cents. It was freezing cold out and the cookies smelt yummy so she bought two cookies and hot chocolates, one for her, one for Andrew.

            “Happy Holidays” the store clerk said to her handing her the steaming cups of hot chocolate. Downtown was filled with Christmas lights and decorations. Candy canes and reindeer hung in every window. There where reefs on every door and mini Christmas trees on every corner. In the Christmas spirit, Jasmine took a seat on a bench and waited for Andrew.

            “Welcome back” Jasmine said greeting him “I got you some hot chocolate and a ginger bread cookie”

            “Oh thanks” he said grabbing the hot chocolate “so how did last minute shopping go?” A little slow, Jasmine realized she spent her last bit of money on hot chocolate and cookies. “Are you ok?” Andrew asked.

            “I’m ok” Jasmine lied, holding back tears. Andrew knew she wasn’t ok so he wrapped his arms around her comfortingly and kissed her on her forehead.           

            “It’s going to be ok” he said reassuringly. His words and loving grip comforted Jasmine but didn’t make her feel any better.

            After a loving dinner with her family, Jasmine searched her room for any possible change. Fortunately, she found three dimes, two nickels, and six pennies.

            “Forty-six cents” she said, clutching the change to her chest “this time I won’t be tempted by hot chocolate” she promised herself. Feeling s little better she put away her money and combed her pretty hair. When she was finished she climbed in her bed. She had a habit of saying little silent prayers about the simplest things. Squeezing her eyes shut, she whispered: “Please God, help me find the right gift”. With the tiniest bit of hope she fell right asleep. 

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