23 and Free

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I worked my ass off to get here. I looked down at the hundreds of people moving to the music. I owned this club. It was easy money but getting it started was nearly the death of me. Even with my abilities.

My mother made me aware of my condition years ago. I knew I was a hybrid and I knew how to use it to my advantage. I have the best of both worlds. I'm a trained fighter and I have the ability to out think most people. I used my body and my mind to my advantage to get where I am now. And if they ever come for me like my mother fears I will have the money and the capability to protect myself.

Until that time comes I'll stay who I am now. Twenty-three and free. Loving the life and world that I created.

Humans are so easy. I know how to make them fall in love. The music spoke to them. The lights and colors kept them in a trance. The alcohol gave them the courage to be anyone while they were here. Who you are didn't matter while you were inside of my domain. They all wanted to be young wild and free.

People are simple. They flock to clubs with good music and attractive people to forget the life they had at work or school or where ever the hell they spent their day. I spend most of my time training and making new mixes to keep people coming back.

I pay my friends to promote the place. They do very, well there's always a line just to pay the cover. Honestly it's too much for one person, even one as intelligent as myself.

I can't help but think back to how things had been for me. College was a joke. I graduated in just over two years with a useless degree. I dumped all of my money into DJ equipment and found out very quickly that people love an attractive female who knew how to make them move. As the club became more successful I usually only had to mix music about half the night. My team took care of the rest so I could enjoy myself for the second half.

Getting hit on was a nightly occurrence. My body was nearly perfect. My height matched my body nicely and light brown hair and blue eyes made me an easy target for drunk men and women.

"Can I buy you a drink?" A woman slurred at me.

Yeah she was cute but drinking really had no effect on me and her being that drunk is a turn off all in its own.

"No." I walked away from her and directly towards my friends.

The truth is I liked to flirt but only on my terms. When I reached my friends they knew I wanted to dance. They followed me down to the bouncers who stepped out of the way as we left the VIP section.

"Got your eyes on someone special Lydia?" Sam laughed as we entered the crowd. He was cute, tall with a muscular a figure dark hair and eyes. He was also extremely gay.

"Not yet Sammy." I laughed. It didn't matter. If someone looked me in the eyes long enough I would have them dancing with me and shortly after at my place.

My friends recognized that I was different. They couldn't explain it. I had a way of getting what and who I wanted. Kelly claims I can manipulate people just by looking at them. Which always made me laugh. She and Sam were my best friends. We ran this place together and they are always around when I need them.


We danced for a while, I enjoyed the music knowing that I was the one who gave the DJ's the mixes. Sam and I usually danced together; it kept the guys away from me and the girls away from him. From the outside we looked like a couple.

Kelly usually found some girl to dance with. She was a tall blonde with a great body so she never really had a problem finding someone.

When the three of us danced she tended to keep her distance from me. We've made mistakes in the past that unfortunately ended up with us having sex. She's been my friend for years and honestly sex complicated our friendship. We vowed to leave that where it was. In the past.

After sometime Kelly came over to us.

"I'm done I'm heading out all the cute girls are dancing with tools and I'm not drunk enough for the others." That's Kelly always keeping it classy.

"Later!" Sam and I said at the same time.

I started to look around me. There had to be a girl worth leaving Sam for. After a quick glance around I saw one. A beautiful tall brunette with a great body. She was dancing with some guy who couldn't hold a rhythm to save his life. I had to get her away from him. Plus, the way she was looking at me. Damn.

"See you soon Sammy!" I winked as I left him with our crowd.

"See you tomorrow bitch make sure you pull out!" He screamed.

Yeah Sam was definitely feeling the liquor.

I laughed it off as I approached her. Without asking, I held out my hand for her to take it. Like a moth to a flame. She took my hand and I walked her away from the guy she was with. She looked back past him, probably to her friends and smiled.

For some reason I always had luck with girls. Sam and Kelly blamed my success on my looks and my lack of boundaries. It never bothers me who they're here with or if they like girls. If I want you. I want you. I have no problem asking if you want to dance and this girl could move.

We danced to a few songs before I pulled her close. I wanted her to feel the friction between us. I ran my hands up her waist while we swayed to the beat. She was pushing back against me as I pulled her towards me. When I dance with someone no one else matters. The lights and the music make it easy to tune out other people watching us. I turned her around so I can see her eyes. Women always seem to hold their answers in their eyes; and hers were looking from my lips back up to mine. Game on.

I didn't kiss her right away. I teased her. Leaning in bringing her face close while never breaking eye contact. As we danced I made sure we ended up with her back against a rail that lined the dance floor. Her cheeks were red and she was clearly checking me out. When I leaned in and whispered in her ear.

"You're beautiful."

She blushed even more and I knew it was time. I leaned in and kissed her slowly. My hands started in her hair and made their way down to her neck. Not stopping there I traced my fingers down her body and around her waist so I could pull her closer. Eliminating any gap between us that once existed. I felt her pulling me towards her. Her breathing was starting to change. I knew she was losing herself in the kiss when I pressed my leg against her and I bit down on her lower lip and pulled it lightly. She let out a small moan and I released her from the heated kiss.

"Wanna get out of here?" I already knew what she was going to say.

She nodded slowly saying yes. Her eyes didn't leave mine for a second. I held my hand out again and she took it.

As we left the club I saw Sam shaking his head and smiling.

It was going to be a long night.

When we got to my car she jumped into the passenger seat and I pulled out on to the road.

She pulled down my visor so she could check herself out in the mirror. As she did a small piece of paper fell down on to her lap.

I forgot I put the note there. She began to read it out loud. "Where ever you are, know that he loved you."

"Stop!" I screamed shocking her and myself. I snatched the note from her hand and swung the car around heading back towards the club.

"Get out, now."

She left without saying a word.

I drove home alone and extremely frustrated from my uneventful night.

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